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Voice Search

Dear entrepreneurs website owners and all my readers, this is the right time to come out of the typing era and embrace the new evolving and growing trend of voice search. Level up your website with voice search optimization with a proper search strategy. People are using voice search assistants for shopping, queries, keeping records, etc.

Future Predictions of digital Voice assistant usage:

71% of customers prefer this new trend of search to typing.

What is voice search?

Voice search is the use of voice input on the internet for any command or query rather than typing input.

Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is the process of evaluating and preparing your website with SEO techniques so that virtual assistants present your website in search results.

Why should we conduct voice search optimization of the website?

There is no way to avoid this trend in the upcoming era

In the US only, the number of users surpassed 200 million users in 2023.

It will improve your website’s overall SEO and ranking.

Better user experience is conducted: Customers can easily interact with your business using free speeches.

More brand awareness: Enhanced flexibility will attract more attention to your website.

Competitive advantage: By grabbing this market in this initial stage you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitor.

Types of voice searches:

  • Quick searches for smartphone users.
  • Consumers need this for car users.
  • Detailed knowledge of this type of search for smart speakers.

Commonly used voice search devices and applications

  • Google Home: Google
  • Amazon Echo:Alexa: Bing
  • Google Assistant
  • Iphone/SIri: Safari
  • Android phones and devices: Google
  • Microsoft Cortana: Bing

SEO ranking factors we must keep in mind while optimizing

Keyword research for voice search optimization: Search for long-tail keywords, question keywords, and conversational keywords and hence add keywords according to your target market.

Optimize your website for pleasing persona-based content: Write precise and clear answers, put keywords naturally, use natural language, and use schema mark-up( a structured data vocabulary that helps better understand the information of your website)

Include an FAQ section at the end of your website

Improve the technical SEO aspects of the website: Work on the page speed, responsive design, mobile SEO, and Hyper transfer protocol security (HTTP).

 Optimize your website for mobile friendliness: Increase page landing speed, compress images, use browser caching, and use the benefits of CDN (content delivery network). Because maximum searches are done by mobile users.

Optimize for local markets: Get on the right online directories: make sure your business is listed accurately on relevant online directories, review sites, and local business directions. 

Dominate the E-commerce market by optimizing these search for E- e-commerce

To conclude:

If you want to grow your organic traffic, then you should be aiming to rank well for this sort of search. Not only are there a large number of these searches happening daily, but the techniques you use to optimize for these queries are a fundamental part of modern SEO.

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