May 23, 2024
Artificial Intelligence

Widespread implementation of AI increased the demand of Psychology experts

After staying in a freezing state, the significance of Psychology and Neuroscience discipline is increasing again. It is happening because the big technology companies are now in need of psychology experts to test their products. 

After the wide implementation of artificial intelligence models, it became necessary to research their impact on human behavior and cognition. From AI to social media to gaming, psychologists play a vital role in shaping consumers’ lives to create a sustainable relationship with the technology.  

For example, Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms in recent days and the features of this app are vast. Here, users get content suggestions on their news feed based on various parameters. 

If a person uses Facebook most of the time of his leisure time, then Facebook will grasp over his interests. If Facebook keeps suggesting sad contents, unconsciously he will keep becoming sadder day by day. 

When an individual is exposed to a certain emotion, it can lead to a lingering and unconscious emotion for a long time. Psychologically this phenomenon is termed as emotional contagion that harms the individual. 

Conversely, if Facebook shows him happy, sad, neutral contents in a sequential manner one after another, this sudden fast change in emotions is termed as emotional whiplash  affects psychological well-being. 

For this reason, technologists feel the necessity to consult psychology experts before making a decision on how to improve their products. It is usual that if any of their decisions negatively affect the cognition of their consumers, gradually the company will lose their profits.

Let us consider another example. Did we notice that we often click on our messenger video call button even though we do not want it? The UI is set in such a way that we click that button often unwillingly. 

This small situation can affect the cognition of users as well. It creates anger and uncomfortable situations for the user. Now, if a survey is taken and found that the users are very disturbed by this situation, then Facebook may need to improve their UI. To conduct research regarding issues like this, Psychologists are required. 

The widespread usage of Gen AI chatbots also made the technologist think about consulting neuroscientists and psychologists to make any sort of decisions. According to Nathanel Fast, the director of Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making at the University of South California, the AI models are being trained with a sample of the world’s entire population. Thus, they might fail to hold the neutral perspective. 

This might create bias and discrimination in a society. At the same time, it can create cognitive dissonance as well.  

Therefore, to maintain the well-being of mental health of the consumers, technologists tend to consult psychology and human behavior researchers before making any major decisions. 

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