May 18, 2024
Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake

The western region of Japan recently went through a severe earthquake that resulted from a series of strong aftershocks of approximately 7.5 magnitude that concerned the Japan Meteorological Agency about an upcoming Tsunami. The agency reported that the center of the Japan earthquake is Ishikawa and it occurred at nearly 4 P.M. (local time)

The after effect of this earthquake is a Tsunami of 4 feet that hit on Ishikawa prefecture’s Wajima port an hour after the earthquake, as the severe quakes raised the sea water level. Unfortunately, this is not the end and a higher level of Tsunami might strike again. Predicted region of the Tsunami strike is Ishikawa prefecture, where the danger is higher. The rest of the western coast of Honshu will face a relatively lower leveled Tsunami.

According to NHK TV, the water can rise up to 16.5 feet (5 meters). So, the residents of the predicted Tsunami affected area are recommended to take shelter in higher buildings. Hawaii Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre warned that severe Tsunami waves are appearing from 300 kilometers of the epicenter along the coasts of Japan. 

Fortunately, no intricacies have been noticed yet due to the earthquake in nuclear plants around the area. The government also ensured to take necessary steps for the maintenance of these plants.

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