May 17, 2024

Moscow is in deep apprehension following the attack at Crocus City Hall. Around 137 were killed and more than 100 injured when gunmen opened fire on concertgoers on Friday. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks faced by Russia in decades. The Islamic State in Khorasan Province, or ISKP (ISIS-K) has claimed responsibility behind the attack and US officials have verified the credibility of that claim.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the attack was carried out by “radical Islamists,” but he also asserted—without providing evidence—that a “window” had been set up to allow the perpetrators to flee to Ukraine. Kyiv refuted the accusations.


ISIS-K, the branch of ISIL that operates in Afghanistan, was formed in 2015.The terror group is a branch of the Islamic State (ISIS) operating primarily in Afghanistan(mainly in Kunar and Nangarhar province) and Pakistan. Since then, the terrorist group gained a terrifying reputation for its heinous deeds.

The group has conducted several deadly attacks in the past few years . ISIS-K came into the global spotlight after the taking over of Taliban in Afghanistan . As the US troops withdrew from the country the group started to show its notoriety in a more active manner. The group was behind the deadly bombing outside Kabul airport in 2021. The attack left 175 civilians dead. 13 US soldiers were also killed and many more injured.

The Goal Of ISIS-K

The main aim of ISIS-k is to establish a pure Islamic state, a Sharia-based, global, transnational caliphate. ISIS-K is an organization that despises the Taliban from both sides and draws supporters of even more radical ideologies than the Islamists in charge of Afghanistan. The group declines to recognize the Taliban as an authentic Islamic leader.

The group has a long history of hatred against Russia and Vladimir Putin. Russia has always been a target of the group , as Moscow played a crucial role in the Syrian civil war . The war was against the group’s parent organization ISIS. Besides, In recent years, the group has directed its propaganda onto Russian President Vladimir Putin, alleging that Russia is oppressing Muslims.

Michael Kugelman, director of the South Asia Institute at the Washington-based Wilson Center said, “Russian foreign policy has been one big red flag for ISIS. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Russian actions in Chechnya, Moscow’s close relationships with the Syrian and Iranian governments, and especially the military campaigns that Russia has waged against ISIS fighters in Syria and — through Wagner Group mercenaries – in parts of Africa”

The recent attack at Moscow concert hall is just another chain reaction .

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