May 23, 2024

Pro-Palestinian protesters have started to set up camps in the academic campuses all over the United States and Canada . It is seen as an act of solidarity with the people of Gaza. The University campuses have become the centre stage for the Pro-Palestinian movement.

University of British Columbia is the epicentre of this movement. Protesters first set up an encampment at the University of British Columbia campus at Vancouver. This led to spark and nationwide unrest. From California to Michigan and along the East-coast college campuses are erupting in Pro-Palestinian protests. Demonstators are demanding immediate action and refusing to backdown.

In a press release, organizers said they are “calling on the University of British Columbia to divest from Israel’s settler colonial occupation, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of Palestinians, and to participate in global academic boycotts of Israeli universities.”

In reaction the university authorities claim that they support and respect freedom of speech , but everything should be conducted following the rules and laws of the university.

“Any actions that create a health and safety risk, impede the university community (students, faculty and staff) from continuing learning, research, work and other activities on campus, or damage university property will be taken very seriously and investigated.”

Police have raided several camps at different universities . Police and demonstrators clashed at different points and confrontation resulted in a dozen arrests. Some university authorities have warned international students to stay away from these movements . Reportedly Columbia university suspended many students by accusing involvement in encampment movements. The number of arrests at colleges around the country in the last three weeks are almost 2,300. Colleges are being forced by the uproar to consider their support for free speech and their financial links to Israel. As graduation season is in full swing , protestors are disrupting graduation ceremonies by chanting “ From The river To The Sea , Palestine Will Be Free”, “Free Free Palestine”

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