May 23, 2024

Andre C. Chappaz, D-Day

History never gets old. It circulates from one generation to another. Future kids will learn from their ancestors’ past and teach themselves accordingly. WWII is also very important in the history of the world. Coming to D-Day, it has taught how the biggest invasion combined air, land, and sea came into reality.

It was June 6, 1944, when the allied forces landed in Normandy, France, to fight against Nazi Germany. There are a few thousand veterans still alive who cherish this day and get nostalgic.

All we need to know about D-Day

Germany first started to invade Poland during World War II. The Nazi soldiers brutally attacked the allied forces many times. Hitler was on a mission to gain control of the world. Allied forces, which were formed by combining Great Britain, the U.S., France, and Russia, took a step to reduce the impacts of these German soldiers. Thus, the planning for this D-Day happened.

The preparations for the invasion were all planned. More than a million U.S. soldiers reached the UK to make this invasion a successful one. Tons of ammunition were gathered for this great invasion. Though the invasion didn’t go accordingly, it was thought to have taken place on June 5. Several problems happened. One of them was the landing of the soldiers with parachutes from the plane. They couldn’t make it successful because the speed of the plane was faster than usual.

What will future generations learn from the D-Day invasion?

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Friedman said, “We just had to . . . try to get to the bottom of the cliffs on which the Germans had mounted their defenses.” It was tough for the allied forces to accomplish the D-Day invasion.

The future generation will read this history and grasp the main points of World War II. People are now well aware of their rights and freedoms. The D-Day invasion teaches how effectively unity can plan for something bigger that makes history.

How D-Day veterans cherish this day

U.S. Veteran Andre C. Chappaz emphasizes, “History is complete; it must be celebrated; it must not be lost; it must be kept fresh in our memory.” The veterans celebrate the 79th anniversary of D-Day and express their feelings about this day.

A very old veteran expresses that it was very tough; they were all about 18–19 years old, and they felt pressure to take over the beach and keep moving on. Though 4415 soldiers of the allied forces lost their lives on this day, people burst into tears because war can kill and take thousands of lives. How beautiful the world would be if there were no war or killing!

The invasion killed between 4000 and 9000 German soldiers, which ultimately brought success, and Paris got free from the Germans on August 25. France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, joined the 79th ceremony of the D-Day invasion. The novice marines showed their respect to the veterans.

Leave us your thoughts about this great D-Day, and how much do you think this invasion was important in that situation?

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