May 23, 2024


Throughout history, women have played integral roles in society from birth to death. They always ensure the stability, progress, and long-term development of the nation. They are indispensable to the growth and development of families and communities. However, for centuries, women have been left behind and subjected to discrimination and marginalization.
The life of a woman is much more complicated than that of a man, even in this modern era. They have to struggle with an identity crisis.

An identity crisis is the uncertainty or confusion in a person’s life when his/her sense of identity becomes insecure and unstable. It occurs when someone feels lost or aimless and does not believe in her values or purpose in life.

Unfortunately, the struggle for identity starts from the beginning of a woman’s life. The cultural legitimacy of some societies distinguish men’s and women’s identities in such a way that women have to entirely depend on men throughout their lives. In many cultures, women are only seen as housekeepers. Even women are forced to give up their identity as working mothers and become housewives to serve the patriarchal society.

Their struggle for survival begins with their having or not having male guardians. For example, before marriage, the father is her guardian. After marriage, her husband takes her custody. Finally, in her old age, her eldest son will be her guardian. Yet, their independence remains unstable throughout their lives.

Moreover, accidentally if a woman gets divorced by mistake, the entire society tries to blame that woman. Her reputation begins to be questioned. It doesn’t matter how much she sacrifices or endures.

When she tries to find a job to be independent or to manage her own business, she has to struggle more than a man. She has to manage her household chores before leaving for the office. After coming back home, she doesn’t get time to rest because she has to make dinner and serve other members of the family. She has no chance to feel tired or defeated both in the office and at home. The fact is that if a woman wants to be independent, she must be perfect in every respect.

These kinds of pressure, negligence, and gender boundaries lead a woman to question her own identity. She starts to struggle mentally with-

# frustration, depression, and anxiety

# Low self-esteem

# Questioning her value or worth

# Feeling lost or aimless

# Lack of purpose

# feelings of insecurity

# lacking meaningful progress.

The worst part of the identity crisis is that the girls start to adopt masculine qualities and question feminine qualities. They demean feminine qualities and consider their role and responsibilities, as women towards society, as a burden. Their desire to prove themselves better than men doubled their struggle.

However, the male-dominating society will not be able to understand this mental crisis of a woman. Therefore, only women can defend their rights in society. If she can highlight her strength and importance as a girl in front of society and if she can explain to society how much society depends on a girl with her duties and responsibilities, society will give her the respect she deserves.

Therefore, if a girl wants to maintain her identity in society, she must first learn to value herself. She can also pursue the following steps to cope with an identity crisis.

# maintain a positive attitude

# self-awareness

# strive to reach full potential

# set boundaries for others to avoid being confused by their demands or needs.

# find a purpose in life and make it a priority

# surround yourself with a community with positive influences

# change the way of thinking

# practice self-reflection.

Lastly, to reduce women’s identity crises, people need to take responsibility for making women feel safe and secure in society. They should improve women’s morality, communication, and housekeeping skills and clarify women’s roles and status in family culture.

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