May 24, 2024
Will Klay Thompson be able to shut the haters up this time? exploring fans' reactions as they can't wait to see it

Klay Thompson is back again, and everyone is happy to see him. After taking a break from basketball, he returned to the Golden State Warriors for the NBA 2022–2023 session. Will Klay Thompson be able to shut the haters up this time? Let’s see..

The big news is that the Golden State Warriors are thinking of extending their contract with Klay Thompson. Both sides have been discussing extending their contract for a long time. The Warrior’s $43.219 million is expiring soon. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has said previously to The Lowe post, “My understanding is that they have opened contract extension talks with Klay Thompson.”

Ramona claimed the process is a “slow process” and said, “They have started talking”. Moreover, Shelburne said the contract years are similar to Draymond Green. In June, Draymond Green signed a four-year contract with the Golden State Warriors. So, we are assuming Thompson’s contract will also be a four-year contract.

This year is the final year for Klay’s previous contract, which is ending soon. The previous contract is set to make $43.2 million this year. He already had an injury, and this year is the second year after Klay’s injury. However, both sides appear to be happy with the contract because recently Golden State Warriors have given us a hint.

On Sept 23, 2023, The Golden State Warrior uploaded a picture of Klay Thompson and quoted, “Coming soon.” Looking at the post, we can assume they have agreed to the contract extension. It’s good news for the fans because they have been waiting for this day.

Klay Thompson Could Care Less About Haters

After exploring fan’s reactions in the comment section, all we can say is Thompson doesn’t have haters. One fan commented, “Splash Brother” with a fire emoji to express his feelings towards Klay. Another fan commented, “Yes I am so excited Klay we appreciate you.”

It overwhelmed many fans after seeing Klay back in the Golden State Warriors. Some fans are also claiming him as a “warrior,” “legend,” and a “free spirit.”

After seeing the post, all we can say is Warriors want to keep Thompson. what is your opinion on this?

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