May 17, 2024
Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya, also known as “The Last Stylebender,” is facing intense scrutiny from the MMA community. How will he respond to the recent backlash that has become the talk of the town? Adesanya lands himself in peril while Alex Pereira has achieved yet another significant UFC victory and is presently the champion of the light heavyweight division.

With a second-round TKO, Pereira defeats Ji Procházka at UFC 295. He was getting praise from everyone—fans, admirers, and even his detractors. While Pereira has achieved the two-division champion title,  Adesanya seems envious of Pereira’s success, as seen by the cruel comments he made about him.

Adesanya taunts Pereira

The middleweight division of the UFC experienced the incredible power of Israel Adesanya. He currently holds the top spot in his division. Despite his previous loss to Sean Strickland, he remains confident in his abilities and believes he has the potential to defeat any opponent in his division.

Recently, in the Last Stylebender’s video, he is found making mockery of Periera, saying, “Last time that I checked, you were fucking SLEPT.” He intentionally reminded all the fans of Pereira that Poatan shouldn’t forget the past. The video that is surfacing on social media makes the Poatan fans go in rage hearing this troll from Stylebender.

It is not uncommon for fans to become enraged when someone mocks their favorite fighter. The last time people observed Adesanya in a similar state was during his loss against Sean Strickland. Sean’s punches left The Stylebender with bruises.

Anyway, an enthusiastic fan of Alex Pereira couldn’t contain his emotions and couldn’t resist commenting against Adesanya’s mocking behavior. He remarked, “He still beat you 3 times that’s wild that you think you’re on top.”

However, it is not merely an issue of pondering. The focus is primarily on generating hype and staying relevant in people’s conversations. Adesanya is aware of the fact that Pereira is an excellent fighter; nevertheless, he is also aware of how to be in the conversation of all people.

Stylebender didn’t show respect to Poatan!

What Adesanya said was negative about Poatan and what he said Poatan is has been ingested in him, as he demonstrated by engaging in troll behavior. In 2020 the Nigerian New Zealander MMA star indicated about Poatan which was not really so pleasant and not a sportman attitude. In contrast, Poatan in 2023 spoke well of Adesanya, demonstrating his admiration for the Stylebender in his remarks. See the accompanying video for visual confirmation…

The supporters have an expectation that the combatants will exhibit reciprocal respect for one another. Respect transforms a combatant into a truly ingenious individual. There are numerous additional remarks and comments that Israel Adesanya is currently consuming. The video may cause Adesanya to lose some of his fan base, although it may appear that he is indifferent to the situation.

One individual raises several points accompanied by doubts and questions. He attempted to convey the message that you are attracting more haters and not showing respect to your opponents, whereas your opponents have shown respect towards you.

He added, “Why you gotta be a hater? Why not show respect? He showed respect to you last night. His post fight speech was butchered by the translator. He actually gave you props for his career.”

It has become customary for the fighters to fight alongside each other and to recognize and applaud each other’s accomplishments. The UFC has a long history of witnessing heated talks between fighters. It is entirely a matter of personal perspective as to how one chooses to become the talk of the town. Both Adesanya and Pereira are highly skilled fighters who have already proven themselves in their respective careers. The future will determine who comes as best as they still have time, energy, and enthusiasm to demonstrate their excellence on the Octagon.

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