May 17, 2024


No one wants to work forever right? Still, if we loved our work, maybe then retiring would have never been an option.

In our work days, we always look forward to retiring. We plan how to live our retired life. But can we not think out of the box sometimes. Retiring may snatch the thrill of work and the sporty spirit out of your soul. So it’s time that we reevaluate the mindsets that we have been following till now. Let’s dive deep into it.

β€œMen and an increasing number of women who have lived their entire adult years emotionally tied to their work often fall apart when they are forced to retire. It is as though their lives are over. In fact, many die soon after their retirement begins.”
β€” Susan Jeffers. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways

Working is a big part of our lives.
It gives us a sense of purpose, sense of achievement and distracts us from any kind of emotional pain or struggle.
Work does not always have to be a 9 to 5 job or a business, it can be anything that you love to do. People do not always work for money.

People are identified often by their work.
People may lose their sense of self- worth with retirement.

When you take out work from your life, it may devastate you in many ways. Life may feel incomplete without doing anything. Days become haphazard without any framework, hours seem never ending and you just live only for the sake of living. Life becomes purposeless.

Profession also gives you social exposure. It helps you to build emotional connections with people around you. You live in the community, aligning your profession.
This social networking is very important to stay healthy emotionally.

Charlie Munger, a legend of all time, is an ideal for us. At 29 he went through divorce.
Then, eventually he lost his home followed by his son’s incurable cancer.
It’s heartbreaking for anyone. Besides, he had financial struggles. But, in spite of that, Charlie did not lose hope.

On top of that, Charlie lost one of his eye. In Spite of all these, he did not retire in 52 even after earning a fortune.
Charlie’s difficult times and struggle lead him to continue work even after retiring age.

Along with enough assets and saving for old age, planning for a career will be a savior though. It will give you fulfillment to spend your last days doing anything that you love. It can be mentoring the future generations and leaving a legacy.
It can also be like working as a social worker and improving people’s lives. You have countless options to choose from.
Retiring can be replaced with working hard to leave your mark in the world before you die.

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