May 18, 2024

Neymar’s recent incident comes as a surprise to the football world. Firstly, the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo joined Riyadh-based Al Nassr last year and faced a lot of criticism, and the same thing is happening again with the Brazilian footballer joining Al-Hilal for the Saudi Professional League. On social media, people are mixing their thoughts; some are saying this is the end of Neymar’s legacy.

The Brazilian superstar footballer Neymar joined Al-Hilal on Tuesday on a two-year contract worth $98.6 million. He broke his tie with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) after six long years. Now people laid him down on social media, and he came up with his reaction.

The Portuguese star footballer was the pioneer of the historic change that took place in the Saudi Professional League. When he joined Al Nassr, people used to say he was crazy, but now you can see how the league is growing up and developing top-quality players, and Facing Cristiano Ronaldo will be interesting and thrilling,”- he added.

Why is Neymar’s moment of Signing up with Al Hilal thought to be his legacy-destroying moment?

Neymar: Twitter images

There are many reasons why people think Neymar’s legacy is finished after joining Al Hilal, but it is more of a personal choice, and most people on Twitter think the same: his legacy is no more there. One of the main reasons is that he still has many years on the table to play at the highest level, as he could achieve more than money if he can win the Champions League.

On the other hand, they are thinking that the Brazilian superstar footballer is putting money over his passion for playing the game, while some are on his side, saying it’s not a big deal if he joins Al Hilal.

Great opportunity for viewers to enjoy them playing each other

Neymar and Ronaldo: Twitter images

Neymar and Ronaldo are the two most popular and beloved footballers in the world right now, and they will be playing against each other in the Saudi Professional League when Al-Hilal and Al Nassr clash.

It will be a treat to watch both players playing against each other. Both players have achieved so many things and broken so many records, but Neymar still has more years than Ronaldo, so we might see him playing at the highest level of the game again.

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