May 24, 2024

It is clear that Billie Eilish has a massive amount of fanbase. However, recently she has been getting hate for something that was clearly obvious from the beginning. If you still don’t know what is happening around Billie Eilish, she came out with her sexuality.

In a recent interview with Variety’s Power of Women issue, global music sensation Billie Eilish opened up about her attraction to women. While the Grammy-winning artist expected her fans to be in the loop, it seems her revelation caused a surprising backlash on Instagram.

She has lost over 100k followers since came out.  On November 13, the day of the Variety cover release, Eilish boasted an impressive 110.3 million Instagram followers. However, as of December 3, her follower count has dipped to 110.2 million, marking a significant loss of 100,000 followers.

Billie Eilish Was Struggling With Her Sexuality

Eilish has candidly discussed her struggles connecting with women and her genuine attraction to them. After that, it sparked both support and dissent from fans. Even she is globally successful, it appears that some followers were quick to unfollow the artist after learning about her sexuality.

this image showcases the insights of billie eilish instagram followers via social blade. she has lost over 100k followers.
Billie Eilish Instagram Instights Via Social Blade

The drop in followers was particularly notable after Eilish reaffirmed her coming-out statement during a red carpet interview on December 2. 

When asked about her intention to come out, she responded surprisedly, stating, “I kind of thought, ‘Wasn’t it obvious?’ I didn’t realize people didn’t know. I just don’t really believe in it. I’m just like, ‘Why can’t we just exist’? I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I just didn’t talk about it. Whoops.”

100,000 followers is a small portion of Eilish’s massive fanbase. It still raises questions about the nature of fandom and how such revelations might affect an artist’s social media presence.

This isn’t the first time Eilish has faced a significant drop in followers due to a personal revelation. In 2021, a British Vogue cover shoot featuring Eilish in a corset resulted in the loss of 100,000 followers. It just shows what artists faces after expressing them authentically.

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With multiple chart-topping hits, Grammy Awards, and a sizable fan base, Eilish is still a major force in the music business despite the setback. Fans worldwide are still inspired by her steadfast dedication to authenticity and self-expression.

What Happened to Billie’s Past Relationship?

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford’s love story began in October 2022. But it has come to an end after less than a year. The pop star and The Neighborhood’s frontman faced admiration and criticism for their relationship, notably due to their 10-year age gap. 

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Eilish made their relationship official on Instagram with photos showing their Halloween costumes. The couple playfully addressed the criticism surrounding their age gap, with Eilish dressed as a baby and Rutherford as an elderly man.

Billie eilish and her boyfriend is wearing halloween costume.

Eilish’s representative confirmed the couple’s amicable split following a brief romance that featured public declarations and adorable moments. Even though their romantic relationship ended, they are still “good friends.”

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