Why are they famous even though they are thieves..?

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We are all familiar with the word thief. There is no end to our fear of cheating and theft. But there are some thieves in human history whose thrilling stories of theft have made them memorable in history. Today’s article will tell the story of 5 different famous thieves who are notorious.

1.Stephen Blumberg :

Most of us are more or less familiar with the term ‘bookworm’. As people of this category maintain the habit of reading books regularly, when they start reading a book, they enter into the story of that book. Along with this, another feature is also noticeable among many of them, they want to collect it as soon as a new book by a good author comes to the market.

But even those bookworms were surpassed by Stephen Blumberg. This person can be said to be one of the best (or worst) examples of how a person’s addiction to book collection can reach. He was caught by the police in 1990. His crime? Steal books from different universities and libraries! The market value of his stolen books would surprise anyone.

The total value of the books he stole would exceed $53 million. After this incident everyone started to know him as ‘Book Bandit’. He is believed to have stolen the most books in the history of the world. However, Blumberg made a strange argument behind his bad habit of stealing books. He believed that rare books and important information could not be acquired by the general public, so the government was secretly planning. Crossing this table, he wanted to serve the people by showing ‘Think out of the box’ mentality and stealing.

Although stealing books, he was right about other ideals. He had no intention of selling those books. Because he thought it was a crime! Bloomberg was found guilty at trial and sentenced to four and a half years in prison. After getting out of jail, however, he once again indulged in stealing books.

2.Sonya Golden Hand:

One of Russia’s most notorious thieves in the 19th century was Sophia Blyuvshtein. His name spread widely because of the theft of precious gems. People, however, knew her better as ‘Sony Golden Hand’. Not much is known about Sofia’s personal life. However, her many thefts were so incredible that they entered the history book.

Once upon a time, Sophia went to a jewelry store and chose some very expensive gems. Then she went to the shop owner and said that they should be sent to her house in parcels. There her doctor husband will pay for them. The simple-minded shopkeeper accepted Sophia’s words. He arrived with the jewels at the address given by Sofia.

Sophia then asked the man to wait in her husband’s office, saying that her husband would come after finishing the work. Saying this, he took the bag of jewels from the man’s hand. On the other hand, secretly, Sophia had already prepared the rice.

That house actually belonged to a doctor. Sofia met the doctor earlier and said that buying and selling diamonds has become an addiction for her husband. To get rid of this situation, her husband, who will come in a short while, requested the doctor to treat her! The doctor arrived shortly after the shopkeeper arrived.

They both thought each other to be Sophia’s husband. Then when the shopkeeper requested payment for the gem, the doctor committed the man to a mental hospital! It didn’t take long for the haze between the doctor and the shop to clear, but by then Sophia was out of breath.

It was just a case of theft. Apart from lying or cheating, he resorted to other types of tactics. He would hide precious jewels between his big nails, hide jewels in a bag matching his clothes, sometimes while he was talking to the shopkeeper, a small monkey would swallow the jewels with him and complete the theft!

3.Jonathan Wild:

One of London’s most famous figures in the eighteenth century was Jonathan Wild, known to people as the ‘Thief-taker General’.

At that time there was a strange rule in London. If a person helped the police to catch a thief, that person would get half of the stolen money as a reward. It goes without saying that the method was excellent in mobilizing its residents to reduce theft in the community. But problems arose around it.

Because some very intelligent people made it a business, who were called ‘Thief-taker’. That’s why they might have hired a band of robbers to commit a crime first. Then when it was stolen, they would hand over the goods to the police again! As a result, the award was his destiny.

Jonathan Wild once had to go to jail for debt. Going there, he met people from different classes of the dark world. After getting out of prison, Wilde developed friendship with them. He formed a gang of criminals with them, who after the robbery brought the goods to Wilde’s warehouse and deposited them. On the other hand, those whose houses were stolen would come and ask for help from Wilde.

At this time, Wild had to proceed very cautiously. He used to advertise in newspapers that he would be rewarded if anyone returned the stolen goods to him. In this way, Wilde developed a rapport with both the thief and the victim.

Law enforcement kept Wild under surveillance. Later they legislated to stop this award. However, the police were not able to catch Wilde with the help of other means. Finally, after a thief named Jack Shepard was handed over, the police were able to gather detailed information and evidence about him. Within a few days, he had to be caught by the police and hanged on the gallows..

4.Dick Turpin:

One of the most notorious bandits in history is Dick Turpin.  Initially he took a job in a butcher shop.  Turpin later opened his own butcher shop.  To save expenses, he once started stealing various domestic animals like cows and sheep from the surrounding area.  Within a few days he was caught red-handed.  Later, he escaped to the more inland countryside of Essex, joining a gang called the Gregory Gang.  That group mainly attacked various deserted farmhouses.  The then King of England announced a £50 reward for the capture of Dick Turpin. 

Turpin later joins up with another bandit named Captain Tom Keen.  Whoever passed through their territory was a victim of their plunder.  As a result, the price of a Turpin’s head once reached 150 pounds.  Turpin did not hesitate to get his hands dirty if necessary.  As a result, his name is associated with several murders. 

5.Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy:

Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy always wanted his life to be filled with an abundance of wealth. However, the shortage did not leave behind him. And there was no end to this. Jeanne once got married. He thought that after marriage, he might end up crying for money for a long time. But no, even then the desired prosperity did not catch in his life. This time he planned to walk a different path, a path against the law.

Jeanne knew that Cardinal de Rohan’s relationship with Queen Marie Antoinette (the last queen of France before the French Revolution) was not going well. He used this opportunity to trap Rohan in love. At one point in the relationship, Gianni said that he had spoken to Mary. Rohan can win Mary’s heart again if he does something. Simple Rohan did not understand Gianni’s deception. He assumed his performance to be true.

Jeanne’s plan was amazing to think about. He forged several letters with the queen’s name to plant Rohan’s ideas. He even once dressed up a prostitute to look like Mary, arranging for the two to meet in the dark of night. Rohan mistook the prostitute for Mary in the dark. He thought, really understand that Rani has come to be his concubine, really understand that his relationship with Rani is getting stronger.

Excited with love, Rohan wanted to give a gift. Talk about a gift for the queen, it should not be something like that. So he bought a necklace made of diamonds, the current market value of which would not be less than one million US dollars (around Rs. 8 crore 21 lakhs).

Interestingly, this gift was taken from Rohan by a man who introduced himself as the queen’s servant. That man is none other than Jeanne’s husband himself! They grabbed the necklace in disguise and got stuck. It was later revealed that the necklace was actually made for the mistress of King “Louis XV”.

Jeanne, however, was caught. But he also escaped from the jail disguised as a man. It is known that he spent the rest of his life in London.

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