May 24, 2024
Nathaniel Hackett

The Jets devote their sensational victory over the Broncos to Nathaniel Hackett, while Sean Payton tastes a piece of bitterness.

This Sunday, the Jets came out victorious and had a 31-21 win over the Broncos and it was important for so many reasons.

From breaking a three-game losing streak to a war of words over Nathaniel Hackett, there was just so much going for the Jets this offseason!

But probably, the most highlighted moment of the game was revenge for the team’s offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who was fired by the Broncos as head coach. Hackett was also criticized by incoming coach of the Broncos, Sean Payton in a July interview with USA TODAY Sports.

“It might have been one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL. That’s how bad it was,” Payton said.
And the team took it personally.

Jets enjoying their sweet revenge of victory with Hackett

After ending a three-game losing streak, the team still got their hopes alive to make something out of this season even without Aaron Rodgers. And the team is now enjoying the victory with Hackett.

Breece Hall carried the team’s offense that went 0-for-5 in red-zone trips and Hackett’s offense rolled up 407 total yards.
In the locker room after the win, head coach Robert Saleh presented Hackett with a game ball.

To celebrate this sweet revenge further the team’s social media department tweeted on the official X page, “When you lose to the offseason champs.”

Sean Payton and Nathaniel Hackett controversy, Payton still refuses to acknowledge Hackett

This summer a war of words kicked off, when Payton threw some harsh words at previous coaching staffs of the Broncos after becoming the head coach.
While everyone pointed fingers at Russell Wilson’s athletic prowess at his first season debut in the Broncos, Payton was blaming Hackett for Russell’s failure.

After Sunday’s match it looked like Payton implicitly credited Hackett, “They played better than us. And I credit Robert and that staff. They won the game and I think that’s how I look at it.”
As Hackett is a part of Robert Saleh’s staff, we can assume he was talking about Hackett as well. But a direct credit would have been nice right?

Hackett on the other hand was not available to the media after the game.

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