May 23, 2024
A picture of latina singer shakira

Shakira, the gorgeous Latina singer, is set to tear it up at the VMAs on September 12. The “Waka-waka” singer has already said that she will perform at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards with her gorgeous figure and amazing voice.

Recently, Shakira has been at the top of the news after separating from her former partner, Gerard Pique. The 45-year-old music star launched a new tirade against her former partner on January 2023.

but that’s not all, After separating from her partner, Shakira again became the top story amid her tax fraud..which people still remember. In 2012–2014, the Spanish Government charged Shakira with tax fraud of $14.9 million.

Even The Denial Couldn’t Stop Her From Being Criticized

Shakira denied the allegations and refused to settle with the Spanish authorities. After denying all the allegations, she thought she could live a normal life. But people didn’t think that way. Recently, Shakira has been receiving VMAs’ awards and people are tearing her up over the fraud allegations.

In a video from X, Shakira’s archived video from 2005 surfaced. She was thanking the media for embracing her Spanish culture in that video. People took it otherwise and bombed in the comment section, such as “Will she pay her taxes?”, or “she should be in jail”.

In the video, Shakira expresses how she is thankful to everyone for embracing her Spanish culture.

Before Shakira, Ronaldo, and Messi were also charged with tax fraud, but they did not get as much hate as Shakira. So why is this discrimination?

Shakira is the First Latina queen to get a VMA award in 2023. Despite being successful, some of her faults are getting her hate.

What do you think? Does Shakira deserve the hate? let us know in the comment section below!

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