Which team has the best chance of acquiring WR Jerry Jeudy? exploring prospects

Jerry Jeudy

Broncos Expected to Trade Jerry Jeudy as Two Teams Already Said to be Interested in The Young Wide Receiver

As the October 31st NFL trade deadline approaches, many teams are anticipated to make major moves. The Broncos might as well bring some changes to the team and move certain players. According to various league sources it is most likely to be the talented wide receiver, Jerry Jeudy. It has piqued the interest of football enthusiasts and rumors are flooding the wire.

The NFL insider Matt Lombardo claimed that the Broncos held internal discussions on Jeudy and pointed out a few other names to watch out for.
A high-ranking NFC personnel director said his team already held internal discussions about a possible deal for Jeudy.
There are even rumours that Jeudy started following other NFL teams and players on social media, like the Carolina Panthers.

Although Dianna Russini reported that for now the Broncos are not interested in moving players.
And head coach Sean Payton said even though they are getting calls, they are not openly shopping anyone.

But it would not be a surprise to see players such as Jerry Jeudy, Frank Clark, or others being available for trade, as the Broncos see another disappointing start of the season.

Probable Best Trade Destinations for Jerry Jeudy Before October 31st NFL Deadline

As the possibility of Jeudy leaving the Broncos gets stronger, let’s consider a few potential destinations where his skills and potential might shine to the fullest.

1. New York Giants- They have yearned for a reliable wide receiver and Jeudy could potentially fill That void. As he hasn’t enjoyed the start of his career with the Broncos, the Giants could offer him a fresh opportunity to make himself a top-tier receiver.

2. Detroit Lions- Acquiring Jeudy from the Broncos could give the Lions more depth and mobility to their game play. Jeudy could also add flexibility in nurturing young talents.

3. Houston Texans- The head coach DeMeco Ryans is also from Alabama like Jeudy. So Ryans could view him as a cost-effective yet genuine weapon. This really looks like a very good match.

4. Las Vegas Raiders- The Raiders were able to salvage their season with a victory not too long ago, but they still face difficulties in an extremely difficult division and in the extremely competitive AFC. Therefore, making a move on Jeudy might have a huge effect on how things turn out for them.

5. Tennessee Titans- The Titans remained spirited and competitive in most matchups. Their defense is the standout unit in the division but the offence requires a boost. So it’s a sensible move to Bring Jeudy into the team to get that extra boost.

The Broncos are highly expected to be the seller at the October 31st NFL trade deadline and Jerry Jeudy could be on the move. Each of these teams could be highly beneficial by his talents. It will be interesting to see how the trade deadline plays out and where he will end up.

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