May 23, 2024
Tyson Fury

WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight titlist Francis Ngannou, two giants of their fields, will collide in a boxing contest on Saturday, October 28 in Riyad, Saudi Arabia.

Tyson returns to the ring for the first time in nearly a year. He is regarded as the greatest heavyweight boxer of this generation, where Ngannou was considered the heaviest puncher to ever set foot on the octagon. He is robust, bartel hardened and powerful.

His intense training sessions with the great Mike Tyson have made him a deadly opponent, as such it would be unwise for Tyson Fury to allow him to land punches. One of Ngannou’s deadly punch might as well end the contest.

Although it’s not easy to predict who is going to win, The majority of people and analysts support the idea that Tyson Fury is going to win within 5–6 rounds. He has been undefeated till now.

“I’m going to knock him out inside six rounds,” Fury said. “I’ll get on the front foot, high arm, catch him with a punishing jab, 19/20 stone in the face. Bust him up, swell his eyes out, and bang, KO. On the front foot, not running away”, He further added.

Fury’s head movement, foot work, IQ, speed, counter punching and experience will be too much for Ngannou. He can fight on the front foot or the back foot. He can also switch stance from orthodox to southpaw making him unpredictable and hard to read. Fury’s main weakness is his lack of knockout power, as he relies more on speed.

Tyson Fury is the favourite to win the fight at odds. No matter who wins Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou will write the next chapter in “The Battle of the Baddest”. Ultimately, people will only know the outcome at the end of the event.

Tell us who you think will come out on top in the major fight between the two heavyweights.

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