May 17, 2024
Beloved Mother

Beloved Mother

It’s likely common knowledge that spiders give birth to young. The mother spider carries the eggs in her body until the young hatch. According to the rules of nature, the eggs start to hatch at one time. The pulse of new life can be seen inside the egg.

A new child has arrived, but where is the food? Out of hunger, the little spiders start eating the mother’s body. Looking at the child’s face, the mother silently digests all the pain and suffering. At one time the whole body of the mother goes into the belly of the children. The dead mother lies disintegrated, the child walks towards the new world. This is the story of the spider mother’s self-sacrifice.

The closest person to a child is their Beloved Mother

Undoubtedly, the most cherished and endearing title one can have is that of a mother. Mom, Mom, and Mom. The words “dear” and “precious” are often associated with the word “mother.” Mother is not just a favorite word, but also a favorite phrase. Favorite feeling – Mother, Dearest person – Mother, Dear Caregiver- Mother, Favorite cook – Mom. All ‘favorites’ are all fond memories centered only on mother. Because mother is the only person in the world who gives unconditional love to her child without anything in return.

The world is very crucial, everyone leaves everyone, everyone forgets everyone, only one who doesn’t leave doesn’t forget and will be for the rest in one’s life, that person is mother. No one but a worthy child knows how big a thing a mother’s arms are. Hundreds of thoughts and troubles are in your head, once you put your head in mother’s lap, you will see that all thoughts will disappear.

Who else in the world is like a mother! In fact, no simile is enough for a mother. Nothing can compare mom. Mother is mother. Similar to how a child in the mother’s womb gradually develops by receiving nutrients through the umbilical cord, even after birth, the mother continues to nurture and support the growth of her child as a potential human being.

When thinking about who can provide the utmost comfort during life’s most critical moments, a compassionate mother is the first person that comes to mind. A mother is the first person who introduces, demonstrates, and educates about the various colors, shapes, sounds, and smells of the world.

We hurt that mother knowingly many times. Children are like sharp knives, they hurt mothers even if they don’t want to and mothers stay by their children’s side till their last drop of blood. The one whose mother is not alive in the world realizes what he has lost from his life. He who does not have a ‘mother’ understands the pain of life.

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