May 24, 2024
Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

The food and drink consumed by an individual or group is known as diet. It has also a different definition.

When a person becomes ill, dietician/nutritionist suggest the person a diet that can improve the condition of the person. Some foods are restricted or some nutrients are suggested & formally it is known as diet in a nutshell. A healthy, balanced diet is essential for everyone, regardless of their age, when going about their daily lives.

What is Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet contains all of the essential elements that the human body needs. Carbohydrate, protein, lipid, vitamin, minerals, fiber, and water are all essential components in a well-balanced diet.

Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet

People must ensure balanced diet everyday through breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Importance of Balanced Diet

# Fills the regular nutritional demand of our body. Our body needs a right amount of nutrients & balanced diet ensure this.

# Provide energy for your regular activity. We have to move our organ & for our regular activity level, we must need energy & a balanced diet is essential for every group of people.

# It ensures our brain development. Moreover, nerves, cognitive functions, stimulation, etc. can run smoothly if we have a balanced diet.

# It keeps our body fit and strong. Besides, we don’t feel weak if we can maintain a balanced diet.

# It protects our body from various kinds of disease as balanced diet is enriched with the right proportion of all nutrients.

# Controls our body, if we have any fatal disease. A balanced diet can recover our illness.

# Controls our blood sugar level, Type -2 diabetese, blood pressure & so on.

# Keeps our skin healthy, helps to removes suntan.

# Nourishes our hair & helps to grow new hair.

# Keeps our bone, teeth strong; prevent osteoporosis.

# Controls our body weight & helps to manage our body weight in a healthy way.

# Improves our visual cycle & prevent eye diseases.

# Regulates our body hormonal functions & hepls to keep our mood cool.

# Keeps us mentally fit & we may feel better.

# Enhances our liftime & prevent diseases.

# Boost immune system that’s why we can prevent diseases automatically.

# Optimise cell repair & helps to grow new cell.

# Prevent malnutrition, underweight, ptotein energy malnutrition (PEM).

# Keep away us from junk food & grows a good food habit.

# Provides us essential vitamins & minerals that is required according to age, sex, physical activity & RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance).

Every stage of people from children to old aged, required balanced diet & we have to ensure it if we really want to get a healthy life.

Please share your opinions on the significance of balanced diet in our regular life.

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