What losses Archewell Foundation going to experience? What might occur to Megan Markle and Prince Harry next?

Archewell Foundation

In 2022, the Archewell Foundation, led by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, faced a tough financial year, seeing an $11 million drop in donations compared to the previous year. This setback was revealed in a recent tax filing, where it was disclosed that the foundation’s total revenue was just over $2 million, a significant decrease from the $13 million in 2021.

The annual Impact Report, released the day before, explains Meghan’s new project, which was inspired by her time as a royal’s Hubb Community Kitchen. In 2017, the Hubb Community Kitchen was established at the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in London to offer survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy a network of community support. This project, called the Welcome Project, aimed to support recently resettled Afghan women through various community-building activities.

However, the financial struggle was evident as Archewell’s total expenses surpassed its revenue, leaving it in the red by over $674,000. The foundation’s executive director, James Holt, saw a substantial increase in his salary, going from less than $60,000 in 2021 to $227,405 in 2022, including a $20,000 bonus. In spite of this, the organization still holds over $8.3 million in assets and cash.

Despite the financial challenges, Archewell continued its commitment to making a positive impact. The foundation, guided by its core purpose “to do good,” donated grants totaling $1.2 million to charities in 2022. These included initiatives like mental health support for peoples affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Considering the future, Meghan and Harry are gearing up for a significant rebranding and new projects in 2024. Their focus seems to be on a future-oriented approach, exploring tech-related and Hollywood-related endeavors. With spite of the obstacles, the couple appears resilient, actively shaping their future and exploring innovative initiatives.

A variety of factors could be responsible for the decline in donations in Archewell Charity, including the couple’s public controversies and strained relationship with the British royal family. With numerous other charitable organizations clashing for financial support, Archewell faced increased competition for funding.

In order to overcome the financial challenges, Meghan and Harry are determined to continue making a positive impact. Their commitment to charitable work remains steadfast, with a new focus on creative projects that complement their changing identity beyond their royal responsibilities.

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