What Is Wrong With Draymond Green?-Draymond Green has been ejected 3rd time this month

Draymond Green has been ejected

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green has become a familiar face for the wrong reasons lately. His recent ejection against the Phoenix Suns marks the third time he’s been tossed out of a game this month. He leaves fans scratching their heads and wondering what’s gotten into the usually fiery forward. Today NBACentral Posted a Video captioned “Draymond Green has been ejected.”

Green’s latest incident involved a flagrant foul on Jusuf Nurkic, where he swung his arm and caught the Suns’ center in the face. This reckless act wasn’t an isolated event. Just two weeks ago, Green was suspended for five games after putting Minnesota Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. Even before that, he was ejected for picking up two technical fouls against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is the 3rd Time Draymond Green made headlines with Ejections.

While Green’s intensity and passion have been instrumental in the Warriors’ success, his temper has also been a cause for concern throughout his career. He’s no stranger to ejections, leading the active players’ list with 19. This latest outburst has many fans questioning whether Green’s on-court antics are becoming a liability for the team.

With the Warriors already facing an uphill battle without Kevin Durant, Green’s repeated ejections add another layer of uncertainty to their season. His suspensions and ejections not only cost the team valuable minutes from a key player but also disrupt their momentum and chemistry.

Is This the End of Draymond Green’s Warrior Magic?

While Green’s talent and contributions are undeniable, his recent behavior has raised serious questions about his future with the Warriors. The team needs him to be a leader and a stabilizing force, not a walking ejection waiting to happen. If Green can’t learn to control his temper, he might be facing more than just ejections – he might be facing the exit door.

Only time will tell if Draymond Green can turn things around and become the player the Warriors need him to be. But one thing is certain: fans are watching closely, and their patience is wearing thin.

In addition to the concerns mentioned above, here are some other factors that contribute to fans’ worry about Draymond Green:

Green’s history of suspensions-Draymond Green has been ejected

As mentioned, Green has been suspended multiple times throughout his career, often for on-court altercations. This pattern of behavior suggests that he may not have learned from his past mistakes.

Draymond Green is a vital part of the Warriors’ success. When he’s not on the court, the team suffers. This makes his ejections and suspensions even more costly.

However, Green’s on-court antics can be divisive and disruptive. This can have a negative impact on the team’s chemistry and morale.

Draymond Green is at a crossroads in his career. He needs to make a change if he wants to continue to be a successful player and a valuable asset to the Golden State Warriors.

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