“We’ve Been Waiting 6 Long Years For This”: Fans exclaim ecstatically after Vegas Golden Knights win first Stanley Cup

Vegas Golden Knights

It was the dream the Vegas Golden Knights were waiting for. The achievements of the club are fulfilled. They beat the Florida Panthers and snatched the championship. They defeated the Panthers 9-3 in game 5. Fans were very excited about their win in the final. It was their greatest achievement since the start of their journey back in 2017.

How was the reaction of owner Bill Foley to the win?

The Vegas Golden Knights are owned by Black Knight Sports & Entertainment, which is basically led by Bill Foley. The owner emphasized that they were thinking and having a plan to win the Stanley Cup within the next six years, and it was a great achievement for them. Bringing the Stanley Cup to Las Vegas was their intention.

As a major investor in Black Knights Sports & Entertainment Group, Bill Foley spent most of the time in Texas. He used to spend his golden years of childhood with his family members in Texas.

Taking a look at how much Bill Foley has to pay for the Golden Knights

Talking about the payment, it is Bill himself who has to pay this huge amount. The amount is $500 million. All came to know that the Golden Knights are an expansion team. So what really happened was that he didn’t have to buy the ownership from the previous owner. He had that advantage.

The owner’s dream and intention regarding the club have been fulfilled, and he is now absolutely happy that Stanley has come to Vegas.

Summary of the final match

It was Mark Stone who brought the lead to 1-0 for the Vegas Golden Knights just before the end of more than 8 minutes of the first period. He did exactly what was needed for the team. Suddenly, the team witnessed the second goal. Nicolas Hague, the man who got the lead for the Knights with 2-0, What a finish to the first period of the match!

In the first half of the second period, it seemed like Aaron Ekblad of the Panthers was about to save the team. He brought a score for the team, and it became 2-1. Panthers goalkeeper Bobrovsky was hopeful for the match. This time, he couldn’t save the goal. Alec Martinez took another lead for the winning team, making it 3-1 for the Knights.

Reilly Smith scored another goal for Vegas, and they took the lead in the second half, making it 4-1. Mark Stone scored his second goal in this match, making it 5-1 for the team just before finishing the second period.

Alternate captain Reilly Smith led the team with another goal and got their sixth score for Vegas.

What happened in the third period of the match?

Ivan Barbashev surprisingly scored another goal for the Knights. Vegas is now 7-1 ahead of the Panthers. The Panthers are now in a very pensive mood. They are about to lose the game. Meanwhile, Sam Reinhart and Sam Bennett scored back-to-back goals for the team. Finally, before the last play, Mark Stone put up another score for himself, and the team took an 8-3 lead for the Knights.

Last but not least, the final shot and final score for Vegas have been recorded by Nicolas Roy, and they become the winners of the Stanley Cup.

The fans couldn’t hold their joy at that moment, especially the owner of the team. With all the consistency and all the best effort, the most-awaited cup comes to Vegas.

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