May 18, 2024
Hydra Island

Hydra is a small island with no significant specialties that anyone can notice at first glance. At first, you cannot see what makes it different from any other Greek island.

To make the place calm and cool, locals do not use transportation. They rather love horseback riding to avoid honking horns.

People have their vehicles, but they intentionally never use them, except for fire vehicles. They keep their ancient legacy.

Almost 2,5000 people live on this island and love to use donkeys or horses for rides.

Travellers will see small horses, donkeys, and mules when they step into the Hydra port. This ride will give them goosebumps. They can feel the freshness of nature and, the beautiful scenery of the city.

People who visit Hydra always say, “Hydra is an island that takes you back in time”.

They restrict cars so that everyone can live a peaceful life.

Do the people of Hydra face any problems without cars?


Some people choose to live here after visiting this place because they feel they cannot find any calm places. So they permanently live here.

Most of them felt it was the best decision to lead a life here. After Greece’s economic crisis, it looks like a life-changing strategy.

Most of the Hydra residents keep horses for guided tours and their rides.

Travellers can take photographs and also swim at the beach alongside their horses.

Heritage that shows Elegance

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Hydra was known as a maritime hub. After motor transportation came, they also tried car rides. But the island had narrow streets, so they felt that mules and donkeys were an inherent part of their daily lives.

Donkeys, mules, and horses are their cars, which can carry everything from luggage to furniture or even building materials.

Heavenly Pleasure

Without horns and vehicle smoke, the village looks like a small paradise, where you can truly feel the presence of nature and the sound of your mind.

During the “Boy on a Dolphin” shooting, famous Italian actress Sophia Loren said, “She truly fell in love on Hydra Island.”.

Some other known people felt that “Hydra offers wonderful colors, beautiful light, and a unique atmosphere that has inspired many people “.

From artists to craftsmen or other creative people, everyone thinks it has magical powers that can enrich their minds.

That is the reason many famous artists love to live here in Hydra. One of the famous songs, “Bird on the Wire,” was written by Hydra. The Canadian singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen wrote it while staying on this island.

Everyone thinks it is the place where you can get inner peace of mind and soul. And the tranquil nature boosts your creativity.

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