“We think the suspect knew at least one of the victims:” The interim police chief doubts harshly amid Richmond, Virginia Graduation shooting

Shooting is nothing new in this country. Several times, unexpected killings by anonymous people made the residents think deeply about their security. A gunman was found shooting just after the high school commencement ceremony on Tuesday, in which two were killed and five were injured.

The police are thinking about these culprits who are trying to destroy the calm environment of the state. Police have already caught a suspect who is 19 years old and is now in custody. The suspect will be charged accordingly with several charge sheets, especially second-degree murder charges.

Who else had suffered this incident?

It’s pathetic that a 9-year-old girl was found injured amid the incident. A car reportedly hit her, and she fell, injuring herself. Although this is a very common scenario, some unlucky young girls and boys will get hurt, but the thing is, this is not expected. All want their babies to remain safe.

The interim chief said, “It’s unclear what motivated the attack. The chief said it was unknown Tuesday whether the suspect is a student. “We think the suspect knew at least one of the victims.”. Edwards added, “The suspect fled on foot and was found and detained nearby by security officers with nearby Virginia Commonwealth University.”

The overall situation got worse as people started screaming, and many were found moving haphazardly without conscious thought. This horrible situation ultimately led people to panic attacks and even worse.

In previous days, people witnessed this type of attack in Texas. Who thought attacks would come to Richmond, Virginia? The fate is that it came into it.

Family, friends, and relatives expressed their deepest condolences to those who lost their beloved ones. People also burst into rage, saying that the shooter should be charged with first degree murder.

What is the future we can expect from this type of gun shooting?

People remain in doubt about whether politicians are busy shouting about women’s rights only but not focusing on the killing of innocent individuals. The country has become overwhelmed after seeing this shooting several times before. The time has come to think deeply about the matter and stop it completely in the country.

The situation got worse for the women who carried babies. They were trying to find some safe places amid the chaos. Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools Jason Kamras says, “I don’t have any more words on this; I’m tired of seeing people get shot, our kids get shot, and I beg the entire community to stop.”

How long should people witness innocent people being killed by this brutal gunfire? The answer is not known at all.

Leave us your thoughts on what steps can be taken to stop this gunshot.

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