May 23, 2024
MMA Showdown

MMA Showdown

The world of cage fighting can be Super surprising and intense. A 50 year old mom stepping into the cage to face off with her son’s ex-girlfriend is certainly amusing. And it shows that passion comes in all ages and forms. One can unfold any event in their favor with determination.

Małgorzata zwierzyńska, the 50-year-old mother who goes by the name Gosia Magical took on Nikola Alokin,19, her son’s ex-girlfriend. As the mother came victorious she became the hot topic of social media.

50 Year Old Mom TKO’s Her Son’s Ex-girlfriend

Małgorzata zwierzyńska, a popular polish TikToker who makes videos with her son known as Daniel Magical, proves that mom’s don’t hold back when it comes to their children. She stepped into the cage against Nikola Alokin. According to Poland MMA the two women have been at odds with each other since Alokin and Zwierzyńska’s son, Daniel broke up.
The fight was part of CLOUT, MMA’s Halloween event in Plock, Poland. zwierzyńska came out firing on her opponent until the fight was over. It’s just the latest in a string of bizarre MMA fights taking place across Europe.

In the very first round with a left hand blow she ended up dropping the ex-girlfriend. But Alokin survived from this knockdown and was able to stand on her feet again. But zwierzyńska showered her younger opponent with tons of punches in the second round as well and knocked her down again. But at this point Alokin refused to continue the fight and mom scored a TKO victory. And after a dominant performance mom left with her hand raised in a victory.

Age It’s Just A Number

This 50-year-old mom took MMA fighting to a new level. Whoever messes with her son is gonna mess with her. This should be a lesson for all the ex-girlfriends out there to think that it will be a good idea to step into the cage with the ex’s mother. Because age doesn’t matter when it comes to their children they are not gonna hold back. And this time Zwierzyńska proved it with her aggressive moves.

The fight was promoted by CLOUT MMA, a Polish mixed martial art company that sponsors this kind of fight like Alokin and zwierzyńska had. “It was an amazing culmination of the entire CLOUT MMA2 gala! MRS. GOSIA goes down in the history of freak fights,” the promoting company said in a post to X following the fight.

Most people were pulling for the favored Alokin before the fight started as she already had fighting experience and was 30 years younger than her opponent. But in the very first round of the bout Zwierzyńska turned the tide with her amazing moves. And she was declared the winner with a TKO. In the end the both women hugged each other.

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