Unmasking the Stars: The Masked Singer Unveils Anteater and Candelabra! Find Out Which Stars Are Hidden Behind These Mysterious Costumes

The Masked Singer

On the most recent episode of “The Masked Singer” Season 10, there was a musical revelation, The scene was ignited with John Oates, the legendary half of the iconic duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, emerging from the shadows as the enigmatic Anteater. Adding to the intrigue, the vibrant Keyshia Cole was unmasked as the dazzling Candelabra, treating the audience to a soul-stirring rendition of Amerie’s “1 Thing.”

The evening began with an intense face-off between Candelabra and Donut, where Candelabra’s heartfelt performance of “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes marked the end of her masked journey. Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke astutely identified the singer Keyshia Cole behind the eye-catching mask, reliving a mutual industry celebration that fueled their conjecture.

Within a flurry of guests, with Mariah Carey, Regina Hall, Brandy, and Anika Noni Rose in the mix, it was Keyshia Cole who took a bow, leaving the stage with grace. The judges, impressed by the stellar performances, bid farewell to Candelabra with regret.

In a touching moment, Scherzinger expressed, “You have been an absolute force in this competition, and I’m so sorry we do not have the bell to save you tonight.”

As the Candelabra dimmed its glow, the spotlight shifted to Donut, who’s emotionally charged performance resonated with the audience, securing a coveted spot in the season finale alongside Gazelle, Cow, and Sea Queen.

Season 10 of “The Masked Singer” has showcased a star-studded lineup, with celebrities donning mysterious costumes. From Sebastian Bach as Tiki to Metta World Peace as Cuddle Monster, the stage has been alive with electrifying performances. The season introduces a fresh format, featuring three groups and Battle Royale semi-finals, accompanied by the return of Wild Card contestants.

The judges, A mix of acute senses and playful banter, have had their fair share of hits and misses in uncovering the masked identities. From accurate guesses to surprising misses, the journey of unveiling celebrities under the vibrant disguises continues, adding an extra layer of suspense and excitement to each episode.

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