May 17, 2024
Max Verstappen holding his newest helmet for dutch grand prix

After the legendary debut in the Toro Rosso in 2015, Max Verstappen became a fixture on the F1 grid. Recently, this F1 championship leader launched his “Crash Helmet” design for the Dutch Grand Prix. On September 19, 2023, Max Verstappen posted a video regarding his new helmet with the caption: “Special Place, Special Memories, Special Helmet”

In that video, Max was rewinding his experience making that helmet and some special memories. The main attraction of the video was the mini helmets from his company.

The Red Bull Star will return to the crowd with a 125-point advantage over his teammate Sergio Perez in the competition for the Drivers’ Championship. Max has been doing really well recently, winning eight races in a row, starting from Miami all the way to the Belgian Grand Prix. This puts him in a powerful position to win his third Driver’s title.

Last month, Max uploaded a video on his channel about the unveiling of the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix Helmet. In that video, he talks about the color and the inspiration for the helmet. He revealed, “One side of the helmet has a red design and the other side of the helmet has a blue design”. As we can see, the inspiration comes from the Dutch flag, including a very special lion logo.

“I hope it will look good on the track”, said Max Verstappen in the last portion of the video.

“It looks clean AF”, fans are commenting in response to the helmet

After revealing the helmet’s design, Max Verstappen’s X account has been filled with comments about the helmet. One fan said, “The red and white line makes the helmet clean AF”. Another fan commented, “Take my money” in response to the video.

Overall, the helmet holds a special memory for Max Verstappen because this is the country where he first started his race. Last season, Max Verstappen dedicated his previous helmet to his father, Jos, with his special Dutch Grand Prix Helmet design.

He said, “As you can see here, my father’s old helmet, and of course the Dutch Grand Prix coming up so I thought this year it would be a great chance to appreciate my dad’s effort”

Max will come up with more helmet designs in the future, till then we can just hope for him. So, what do you think about the new Grand Prix helmet design? leave a comment and express your thoughts.

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