May 23, 2024
UFC BMF Ranking

Are you a new MMA enthusiast who is trying to explore this madness and the temper of this muscle mania? Then today, we are going to explore the top 10 competitive beasts in this brutal game of cage boxing. Though MMA was not this famous in the ancient Olympics, after the famous film star Bruce Lee invented a martial art trend named “Jeet Kune Do,” this madness totally climbed up to a new level globally, which changed the scenario in the sports arsenal.

In 1991, during the first tournament of the UFC, they decided to call this sports event MMA, which was a revolutionary initiative as it was boxing with a blend of martial arts movements. Let’s jump into today’s most violent MMA fighters and MMA strikers wikis.

# Nick Diaz

This MMA star is definitely one of the most long run horses in the field of MMA since 2011-15. Who also won in UFC-45,47,51,53 and 62! This extraordinary fighter also has a habit of appearing in headlines for his controversial activities now and then. Though this controversial star has had so many ups and downs throughout his career for drug abuse, after his suspension in 2015, he returned in 2021 and was a finalist.

# Donal Cerrone

Also, this fight maniac known as “The Cowboy,” who has a record of winning the “Fight of the Night” title after winning WEC-38. This former UFC-131 and 37,150, 160,167, 182,187 winner performed a bold and smooth finishing attempt with an armbar, which brought him the champion title. His win against Edson Barboza in 2014 brought him the honor of “Performance of the Night.” He declared his retirement in 2022 at UFC-276.

# Connor McGregor

This MMA sensation is also called “The Notorious”. His wins against all the legendary opponents in the UFC from 2013-16 also justified this nickname. This warrior bull’s best record is 22-6-0. His brutal, long lasting fights with Khabib in 2018 and against Nate Diaz will always be in the golden book of MMA history.

# Khabib Nurmagomedov

This legend has so many MMA trophies and won so many breathtaking, brutal battles against his opponent, which will be preserved in the history of MMA battles. This promising MMA fighter won 29 consecutive battles, and his only loss was against another sensation, Connor McGregor, in the third round of UFC 229. This ultimate champion is considered to be one of the best MMA fighters of all time.

# Kamaru Usman

Another star MMA player also earned the title “Greatest MMA Grappler of all time.” From 2019-21 he was an undefeated champion. This legendary Nigerian nightmare’s name is enough to make the opponent tremble. He has had continuous wins from 2016-18 in the UFC and won championships. He also won Fight Night four times, and The Ultimate Fighter two times.

# Robbie Lawler

Currently, he holds the fifth position among the most violent MMA fighters in 2023. This MMA superman holds the fifth position among the Top 10 UFC BMF fighters. This ruthless champion won the UFC championship four times in 2014, 2015, and 2016. With a total of 30 wins and 76% wins, he is famous for aggressively attacking moves, that took down so many opponents careers.

# Tony Ferguson

This young sensation holds 4th place among UFC BMF fighters, with three wins in UFC-216, 229, and 238. This fighter always shows high voltage in duels and has an 80% winning chance record. He also won The Ultimate Fighter competition back in 2011.

# Nate Diaz

Currently, this young star is in his prime and came out on top by knocking out Connor in UFC-196, winning the championship title as well as “Fight of the Night” honors. 81% winning record assured his third position among UFC rankings in 2023. He has already won three UFC titles and one Ultimate Fighter championship.

# Jorge Masvidal

His media debut was one of the most focused events after he knocked out Nate Diaz in UFC-244. With 44% of wins and 35 totally won matches, he is holding the Second position. He won the UFC BMF Championship in 2019.

# Justin Gaethje

With a 92% winning record, this furious wrestler won two championships. Besides, he was undefeated in 25 regular matches. This fighter also won two WSOF light weight championships, currently holding first rank among the most with his pride and current UFC champion.

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