Two new pandemic warning in 2024: Disease X and the rise of ancient zombie virus


Some ancient viruses have been found in the Siberian permafrost that are capable of infecting single-cell organisms. A team led by geneticist Jean-Michel Claverie retrieved such viruses and one of these samples is 48500 years old. These viruses are known as ancient zombie viruses (Methuselah microbes) that can eventually start a new pandemic. 

These viruses were frozen inside the permafrost for a long time, but due to global warming the icebergs of many ice-covered areas (e.g. Siberia, Alaska) are melting. Some of the permafrosts are also beginning to melt and hence the viruses that were frozen inside are gradually reviving their life. 

Scientists warned that if these ancient viruses started releasing, then there is a possibility of a new pandemic era. Therefore, some of the scientists planned for an arctic monitoring network to surveil early cases of disease caused by the ancient zombie virus. 

Virologist Marion Koopmans mentioned that it is still unknown which type of viruses are lying on the permafrost but there is a high chance of a disease outbreak. The disease can be an old form of polio. 

Alongside zombie virus, disease X is a predictable disease that can be more fatal than covid. According to the World Health Organization, Disease X can be twenty times deadlier than Covid-19

Disease X is an imaginary, or hypothetical pathogen that has not been invented yet, but health scientists assume that there is a high probability of a new disease similar to Covid-19 that will cause a new worldwide pandemic. It can be a new agent, virus, fungus or bacterium that has no treatment. 

However, disease X is not a real threat right now, but since there is a possibility of spreading this pathogen in future, medical scientists suggest everyone to be prepared for it. 

As the sudden outbreaks of Covid-19, Nipa, MERS and similar virus took the lives of many people, therefore medical workers think that it’s necessary to take pre-epidemic measures to minimize the death rate. 

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