May 23, 2024
Travis Scott

Nike brings World Basketball to the Lincoln Center on September 15 and 16, 2023. The basketball Festival was the center of NYC’s attraction.

On Friday and Saturday, Nike hosted a basketball festival called the 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival in the Josie Robertson Plaza, at Columbus Avenue and 64th Street. Nike celebrated the past, present, and future of world basketball, and many celebrities were the star of the show.

On that show, Rapper Travis Scott was seen celebrating the victory of Team East by dancing and hyping them up. The NBA social media accounts have filled with Travis Scott pulling up to the word basketball and celebrating.

While people were also cheering them up, some people in the comments were not happy with it. A user has stated, “Surprised he hasn’t been arrested on the 7 people that he failed to save at his concert”, amid the tragedy that happened at his last concert in 2022.

A TikTok account has also posted about the festival. In the post, we can see Travis Scott taking pictures with basketball teams and walking around.

Some of the top high school basketball teams attended the festival showing off their basketball skills. While people were celebrating the future of basketball, the NBA YouTube channel broadcasted the whole show.

The Nike World Basketball Festival featured 80 of the best high school teams (80 boys and 80 girls). Each team represents one of the 23 states in the United States. The winners will get a limited-edition exclusive jersey that Cactus Jack has designed.

When interviewed Mikal Bridges said, “The energy of New York City basketball is unlike the energy in any other place in the world,”.” This incredible moment pulls together next-gen talent, icons of the game, and the people who help share the culture of the city. Only in New York. Only because of basketball”

Beyond just basketball, Nike is joining hands with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts to make the arts accessible to local young talents throughout the year. Starting this fall, this generous grant will give wings to musical and dance the magic of creativity-enriched programs.

Basketball Has Always Been Nike’s Soul

The vice President and General Manager of Nike North America“If running is the heart of Nike, then basketball has always been Nike’s soul,” -Scott Uzzell,

“There’s no place like New York City to witness basketball’s deep connection to culture. And that influence grows as the global game continues to grow.”

The New York University Professor David Hollander said,“The game has always stood for something bigger than simply what happens on the court,”

As part of Nike’s history in clothing, everyday wear, and sports gear, they’re setting up displays in Damrosch Park. These displays will show how basketball has inspired creativity and design for a long time. They’ll feature iconic shoe designs and other cool stuff from Nike’s past to remind us of important moments in Nike Basketball.

And here’s the exciting part: Alongside these displays, you’ll get a sneak peek at Nike Basketball’s new holiday collection. It’s like getting an early preview of their upcoming basketball-themed clothing and gear for the holidays.

What do you think about this amazing festival?

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