May 23, 2024
Mental Trauma

Human brain

A recent study says that the post-trauma moments are more recallable than the pre-trauma events. That means, victims can remember the events after the trauma more efficiently but cannot do the same when it’s about the events that led him to the mental trauma.¬†

The clean observation of this research opens up a new path to analyze how emotions impact the memory. It also informs that humans are generally good at remembering things that led to negative things. Researchers predict that it will help to treat PTSD efficiently in near future.

A common example is when people quarrel with each other. It can be noticed that when there is a dispute between two people, they eventually forget what caused them to be angry with each other. Yet, they prefer not to talk with each other. 

According to the broader perspective of the research, this happens because people usually forget what caused the negative effect, but remember the post-negative events. The two people in the above example can easily remember that they quarreled with each other after an unknown incident (post-negative event), but cannot remember what caused them to start the dispute in the first place (pre-negative event). 

The researchers tried to explain why this happens with humans. The sudden rise in negative emotion (e.g. getting bullied by bad girls) causes a rush in focus and alertness which tells the human brain to take exhaustive notes about what is going to happen next and move them away in an inquisitive manner for future use. 

But the inauguration of trauma deploys a less intensive notetaker. For this reason, human usually cannot remember things smoothly where contextual details are the main (e.g. witnessing testimony) 

This research can slightly help in the manual lie detection process. As people usually forget what events happened before the main negative events, so it’s common that when someone gives a description of the negative events, he will miss out some minor details.

If such details are not missed in the description, then it means the person describing the negative events may be lying. 

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