May 23, 2024
NFL MVP Contenders

Who is most likely to win NFL MVP?

NFL 2023 is almost here and you know what time it Is! Excited NFL fans are curious as to who will
dominate the next NFL MVP game and here below is the list!

# Joe Burrow

This player is responsible for one of the most dangerous passing attacks in the league, making him number one to win the NFL MVP. He is our favorite for a reason!

# Patrick Mahomes

The two time Super – Bowl winner has kept a successful record of winning matches and as long as he is healthy, he shall win again in the upcoming matches and remains as a favorite player among his fans.

# Josh Allen

Although the man fell as a Victim of a elbow injury however the Buffalow Bills quarterback is more volatile than Patrick however he has a big chance of gaining the crown of NFL MVP player.

# Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is back with a healthy team and after replacing their controversial coordinator, it seems like Justin has his fans trust of being the number one winner.

# Jalen Hurts

The Eagles player, Jalen is known to attain an impressive performance last year however, with its team tough schedule, Jalen has created an uproar within his fan base by being in number 5.

# Lamar Jackson

Lamar has won the hearts of receivers by attaining a chance of winning the second NFL MVP only if he proves to be healthy and that he can accept any challenges that the other side of the ball has to offer.

# Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphin’s quarterback, Tua has received positive feedback among the receivers especially since he paved the team’s chances of winning into a reality.

# Trevor Lawrence

The man came alive in the half of 2023 season and has come back with a goal in his mind — to win. Lawrence has the talent to be a smart quart back in the upcoming matches, especially after his performance previously.

# Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott attaining position at number 9 has a slight chance of winning the NFL MVP. All he has to do is be healthy and play hard and fair.

# Aaron Rodgers

Although the man himself seemed to struggle last year however, Aaron makes number 10 of the list, meaning his potential of being a worthy player has not be wasted.

There you have it! Top 10 NFL MVP players most likely to be the winner of the upcoming matches but only time shall tell who is the real winner. All an NFL fan got to do is get his gear ready, meal cooked and watch the match!

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