May 18, 2024
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Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Movies in Netflix To Watch During This Holiday Season

As the holiday season begins, there is no better way to start it than by binging your favourite Christmas Movies and finding some new favourite ones. 

Netflix has a wide variety of classic and new Christmas movies available every year to celebrate the holiday season. They are also available all throughout the year, so that you can enjoy Christmas movies whenever you like. 

Let’s look at the Top 5 most popular Christmas movies to celebrate the holidays.

1. Love Actually 

One of the most beloved movies of all time, Richard Curtis’ Love Actually is popularly referred to as the ‘ultimate romantic comedy’. The movie is a story of romantic, platonic and familial tangled love stories taking place a month before Christmas in London. The famous list of actors starring in this movie include Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Laura Linney, Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson, and Keira Knightley.  

2. Best.Christmas.Ever

Mary Lambert’s new comedy turns Christmas into a competitive sport. Heather Graham stars as a suburban mom who takes her family to spend the holidays with her frenemy because of a comedic confusion. The long term frenemy (Brandy) is someone whose faultless exterior has long been a cause of contention. Watch to see if the setup results in a holiday hostess brawl or if long-standing tensions become amicable.

3. Family Switch

McG’s new comedy follows a family of generationally disconnected members who are consumed by their busy schedules. This movie is based on Amy Krouse Rosental’s 2010 children’s book Bedtime for Mommy. Starring Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms as the parents of three children and a dog, all the family members are forced to live each other’s lives when they get body swapped before Christmas. 

4. Let It Snow

Luke Snellin’s teen romantic comedy based on the YA novel of the same name by John Green follows a large group of teenagers on a snowy Christmas evening. The teens have various romantic experiences that intensify and intertwine throughout the day and lead to an epic party that night.

5. Falling for Christmas

Lindsay Lohan makes her victorious comeback to the screen with Falling for Christmas. Janeen Damian’s rom-com follows a bratty heiress who loses her memory in a skiing accident and is forced to stay in a cozy lodge while trying to regain her memory. During her stay, she bonds with the lodge’s proprietor (Chord Overstreet) and his daughter.  

What are your favourite Christmas Movies to binge during the holiday season? Share your thoughts with us!

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