May 24, 2024
Adult Romance Books

Top 5 most popular adult romance books in December.

This year, the popularity of adult romance books has reached an all-time peak. More and more new books are being released by new and popular authors each month that take Booktok (Books discussion platform on TikTok) and Booktwt (Books discussion platform on Twitter) by storm. 

This month, many new books were released that have been the talk of the town in the book community. Let’s look at the Top 5 most popular adult romance books that were released in the month of December. 

1. God of Fury by Rina Kent

The fifth book in the Legacy of God series by Rina Kent, God of Fury is a dark MM college romance. The story follows the romance of Brandon King and Nikolai Sokolov as they explore their sexuality and learn to fight their own mental demons with the help of each other and heal. This much anticipated release has earned the praise and appreciation of the book community. 

2. Same Time Next Year by Tessa Bailey

New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey released this steamy novella this month. This story follows a couple’s fake marriage for a year. Britta and Sumner marry each other on New Year’s eve to ensure Sumner can stay in the USA and continue playing for his NFL team. This full of hope and humor novel has become a favorite holiday read for the book community. 

3. The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson 

This paranormal romantic comedy by Lana Ferguson tells the story of two wolf shifters who agree to be fake mates but unexpectedly end up finding something real. This adult romance book narrates the story between wolf shifters and doctors Mackenzie Carter and Noah Taylor who agree to be fake mates but then decide to be friends with benefits, and soon lines start blurring and they realize they are falling for each other. 

4. Skin of a Sinner by Avina St. Graves

This dark adult romance book by Avina St. Graves follows the story of two childhood best friends and lovers turned enemies. This second-chance romance, Bella and Roman has dark themes and the mmc is morally-grey. Dark romance readers will surely enjoy this read. 

5. This Spells Love by Kate Robb

This Spells Love by Kate Robb follows the story of Gemma, who tries to heal her broken heart by casting a spell to forget her ex. However, she wakes up in an alternate universe where her best friend Dax doesn’t remember her and she must get him to kiss her to return to her old life. In this process, she finds herself falling for him and wonders if she wants to go back to her old life. This paranormal/fantasy romance is a must read for adult romance readers.

What are your top and favorite reads of this month. Share your thoughts with us! 

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