Top 5 most expensive mansions of NBA stars in 2023

Most Expensive Mansions

We all know that many NBA players are paid millions of dollars annually. But for ordinary people like us, it’s unimaginable with the enormous amounts of money where they spend. Some of them chose to invest money in their mansions.

Most people can only fantasize and speculate about their favorite player’s lifestyle. They couldn’t even imagine how crazy their famous NBA star’s life and their spectacular homes were. So in this article, you will find the top 5 most expensive mansions of NBA stars in 2023. So let’s dive right into the details.

1. LeBron James – 36.75 million dollars (Beverly Hills,California)

LeBron James Beverly Hills mansions reign supreme, spanning 13000 square feet on a majestic 2.5-acre hilltop, its fourth luxurious abode in third LA, alongside residences in Brentwood and Akron with its pool house, four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and two guest houses. 

With seven fireplaces, a tennis court, and a captivating movie theater, this mansion suits extravagance strategically positioned. It offers breathtaking views of Beverly Hills in the pacific ocean. The hedged line driveway and palm-topped motor court leave an indelible impression epitomizing Lebron James’s unparalleled lifestyle.

2. Steph Curry – $31 million (Atherton, California)

Steph Curry secretly purchased a three-story mansion in an exclusive neighborhood in Africa. Curry’s financial savvy is evident in the house in a place recognized for affluence, which is thought to be the most expensive house bought in Africa In the entire bay area in 2019.

Curry became the first NBA player to earn such incredible money. After signing contracts totaling more than 200 million dollars with formal gardens, trees, and a private guest house. This 2.1 state estate blends modern and classic architectural styles.

3. Anthony Davis – $31 million (Bel Air Crest, California)

Anthony Davis’s magnificent mansion in this property’s prestigious bell aircraft reigns as the neighborhood’s most expensive purchase. It is surrounded by notable residents such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kathy Griffin, and Gordon Ramsay.

It spans 20000 square feet on the 3.5-acre lot. The mansion boasts to inspire headliner views of the Catalina islands in the pacific ocean with eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. This opulent dwelling radiates an irresistible alert befitting its esteemed owner.

4. Ben Simmons – $ 17.5 million (Hidden Hills, California)

Ben Simmons’ fortune extends beyond the basketball court tucked away in the exclusive enclave of hidden hills. California Simmons boasts a jaw-dropping mansion worth a staggering 17.5 million dollars.

This luxurious abode showcases Simmons’s pension for the finer things in life with its lavish amenities in an exquisite design. This hidden hill sanctuary epitomizes luxury at its finest. It gets ready to delve into a realm of grandeur as we explore the extravagant dwelling of Ben Simmons, where every detail reflects his status as a true basketball titan.

5. Kawhi Leonard – $17.1 million (Pacific Palisades, California) 

The humble kawhi Leonard embraces the world of fantasies in the NBA’s opulent environment. Even while Leonard presents a low-key image, he lives in a stunning pacific palisades estate valued at 17.1 million dollars. Along with a 6.7 million dollar condo at the Ritz-Carlton residence in los Angeles in a 13.3 million dollar mansion in San Diego. 

This lavish retreat is Leonardo’s third residence. The state measures 12000 square feet on a 0.82-acre property, has seven bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a thrilling 10-person movie theater, and a host of opulent features.

Conclusion point from MP Bench

I hope you all enjoy the article and get a glance at ideas about your favorite NBA star lifestyle and their mansions. Undoubtedly they are earning a good amount of money per year. So it’s obvious their mansion and lifestyle will be lavish and vivid as we used to watch on tv.

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