Top 5 best finishers in UFC in 2023

Best Finishers UFC

A few tough competitors in 2023 deserve credit for setting the octagon on fire with their devastating finishes. These world-class athletes have perfected various devastating finishes, from submissions to knockouts, sealing their legacies as the sport’s all-time greats.

Come along as we reveal the Top 5 Best Finishers in UFC, and relive the exhilarating moments that have changed the face of MMA and written their names in the chronicles of combat sports forever.

1. Jim Miler

The current standings for Jim Miller’s record are 36 wins, 17 losses, and no draws. In those 36 victories, he has knocked out 7 of his opponents, giving him a knockout ratio of 19%. In addition, he has 19 opponents who have submitted to him.

Two times out of his total of 17 defeats, he was defeated by being stopped. He has participated in a total of 116 rounds, which indicates that his professional fights last an average of 2.2 rounds each.

2. Don’Tale Mayes

In the UFC heavyweight class, Don’Tale Mayes has demonstrated some promise as a finisher. Although he hadn’t received the same kind of attention as some of the top finishers in the sport, he showed promise and the ability to pose a danger in the future.

Mayes’ knack for ending strong is one of his distinguishing qualities. He doesn’t hesitate to advance and go for the finish when he sees a chance to benefit from a damaged or vulnerable opponent.

3. Matt Brown

Matt Brown, commonly known as “The Immortal,” is regarded by many as one of the most thrilling and aggressive finishes in the history of the welterweight class in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Brown has built a reputation for himself due to his aggressive fighting style and his knack for generating dramatic finishes during his career.

4. Neil Magny

Instead of being one of the top finishers in the UFC, Neil Magny is more well-known for his endurance, work ethic, and all-around skill set. While he has achieved several remarkable wins and stoppages, his strength comes in his capacity to keep up a high volume of striking while still being able to wrestle and grapple his opponents under control.

5. Genaro Valdez

Genaro Valdez is a lightweight fighter from Mexico. He enters the bout having compiled a record of 10-2 during his career. This includes seven knockout victories and three submission victories out of the total. As a result, the Mexican boasts a one hundred percent finish rate. As a result, he intends to maintain his winning streak. He has only lost one fight with Evan Elder and has victories by knockout and submission.

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