May 18, 2024
NFL kickers

Watch These 10 NFL Kickers in 2023

NFL kickers usually matter less. Like that crazy relative nobody acknowledges until a playoff field goal,
they fade after being magnificent. Yet kickers quietly shape games and seasons weekly. Talented kickers
will play in 2023. Watch these top 10 NFL kickers this season.

#Eddy Pineiro, Panthers

Eddy Pineiro

Pineiro returned to form after missing most of 2021 with a hip ailment. Last season, he hit 92% of his
field goals, including three 50+ yarders. He gives the Panthers a close game edge with his precise leg.

When needed, Rhule trusts Pineiro to kick long-field goals. With extra time to prepare and bond with his
holder and long snapper after an offseason, Pineiro may succeed in 2023. FFF analysts rank him among
the top-10 kickers this season.

#Seahawks’ Jason Myers

Jason Myers

In recent years, Jason Myers has excelled at NFL kicking. Myers has converted 87% of field goals and
95% of extra point attempts since joining the Seahawks in 2018. Myers’ dependability and leg strength
have aided Seattle.

He has hit several game-winning goals, including a 2019 42-yarder against the 49ers. He ties the
franchise record with 58 yards. The Seahawks’ 2020 4-year, $16 million contract makes Myers a top

#Graham Gano, Giants

Graham Gano

Graham Gano, the Giants kicker, should excel in 2023. After eight Panthers seasons, Gano joined the
Giants in 2020. His 32-of-35 field goals and flawless extra points were last year. Even at 34, Gano has leg
and precision. The Giants’ summer offense changes may offer Gano more chances this year.

#Eagles’ Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott should rule 2023. Expect another good year from the 27-year-old Eagles kicker, who has
played in five NFL seasons.

Memphis’ Elliott was drafted 5th overall in 2017! He set Memphis’ college scoring record. He was PFWA
All-Rookie in 2017 after making 26 of 31 field goals and 19 extra points.

Because Elliott is reliable and calm under pressure, the Eagles trust him. A franchise-record 61-yarder
against the Giants in Week 3, 2018, was among his numerous game-winning kicks.

#Steelers’ Chris Boswell

Chris Boswell

Longtime NFL kicker Chris Boswell. In 2022, Boswell made 90% of field goals and missed no extras. The
eight-year veteran provides steadiness for Pittsburgh in 2023.

Ben Boswell’s powerful leg helps the Steelers score close games and try long shots. Boswell’s powerful
50+ yard shots provide Pittsburgh’s attack with more significant variation. NFL kicker Boswell, 32, may
remain tops for years.

#Younghoe Koo, Falcons

Younghoe Koo

Follow Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo. Georgia Southern University football player Koo was South Korean.
The Chargers signed him in free agency after he went undrafted in 2017. Once freed, he briefly played in
the defunct Alliance of American Football. Kicker for the Falcons since 2019.

Koo’s 37-of-39 consecutive field goals to open 2020 set an NFL record. He developed a Falcons franchise
record with 94.9% field goals.

#Colts’ Matt Gay

Matt Gay

Since joining the Colts as an undrafted free agent from Utah in 2019, Matt Gay has progressed each
season. Gay was the league’s most accurate kicker last year, making 30 of 33 field goals (91%) and
flawless extra points.

In challenging conditions, Gay’s powerful, precise leg has helped the Colts. The most extended kicks of
his career are 14 of 17 from 40-49 yards and 3 of 4 from 50+. Gay may become renowned if he stays as a
Colts kicker.

#Harrison Burtker, Chiefs

Harrison Burtker

Harrison Butker is the Chiefs’ hidden weapon. Butker, an undrafted free agent in 2017, became an NFL
star kicker. He hit 90% of his field goals for the third year.

Butker has solid and flexible legs. At 58 yards, he holds the Chiefs franchise record for longest field goal.
As Patrick Mahomes improved Kansas City’s offense, Butker did too. He made many game-winning kicks
under pressure.

#Raiders’ Daniel Carlson

Daniel Carlson

Carlson may be the Raiders’ best winner in Vegas after three seasons. After two dismal seasons, Carlson
has flourished in Vegas since 2020 (2018-19).

The first NFL kicker to hit 90% of field goals in all three seasons from 2020 to 2022 is the Raiders’. He
shoots long and accurately. Since 2020, Carlson has made 21 of 24 50-yard field goals (87.5).

#Justin Tucker, Ravens

Justin Tucker

For the fourth year, Justin Tucker leads our NFL top 10 kickers. If the right leg works, he’ll stay. Tucker is
the NFL’s best FG kicker. A 90.5% accuracy makes him the most accurate NFL kicker.

Tucker would kick better if the Ravens didn’t use him for insane kicks. The Ravens have challenged him
to kick eight 61-yard field goals (2/8). Only Brandon McManus has attempted six 61-yard field goals,
going 1 of 9.

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