May 24, 2024
Top 10 NBA scandals you should not miss

The NBA, often revered for its electrifying on-court action, has also been a stage for some of the most notorious scandals in sports history. These NBA scandals serve as reminders of the league’s complex history. 

While some have been resolved with legal actions and policy changes, others remain etched in the collective memory of basketball fans. The NBA continues to evolve, addressing these scandals to ensure the integrity and reputation of the sport.

As players, coaches, and fans revel in the excitement, controversies lurk in the shadows. 

1. Tim Donaghy’s Betting Scandal

The Tim Donaghy betting scandal stands as a dark chapter in the NBA’s history. Donaghy, a former NBA referee, was exposed for betting on games he officiated during the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons, including manipulating the outcomes. This betrayal of trust shook the foundation of the league.



2. The Malice at the Palace

In November 2004, a game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons turned into an infamous brawl known as the “Malice at the Palace.” It involved players, fans, and a cascade of events that resulted in numerous suspensions, fines, and tarnished reputations.

Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers leaves the floor after a 2004 melee involving fans during a game against the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Photograph: D Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images

3. Kermit Washington’s Punch

During a regular-season matchup in 1977, Kermit Washington delivered a devastating punch to Rudy Tomjanovich, leading to life-threatening injuries. This shocking incident displayed the dangerous consequences of on-court aggression.

Source: Youtube

4. Donald Sterling’s Lifetime Ban

Former LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, faced a lifetime ban from the NBA in 2014 following the release of a recording containing racist remarks. This incident sent shockwaves through the league and prompted a significant change in ownership.

Source: NBC News

5. Latrell Sprewell’s Attack on Coach Carlesimo

In 1997, Latrell Sprewell, known for his volatile temperament, attacked his head coach, P.J. Carlesimo, during a practice session. The shocking event led to a lengthy suspension and damaged Sprewell’s reputation.

Source: Wikipedia

6. Len Bias Tragedy

In 1986, the NBA lost a promising talent in Len Bias. Drafted by the Boston Celtics, Bias died from a cocaine-induced cardiac arrhythmia, shedding light on the drug-related issues within the league.

Source: The Guardian

7. Kobe Bryant’s Sexual Assault Case

In 2003, Kobe Bryant faced allegations of sexual assault. The case, marked by national attention, raised important discussions about sexual assault, athletes, and the legal system.

source: ABC news

8. Tim Hardaway’s Homophobic Rant

 In 2007, Tim Hardaway made headlines with his homophobic remarks during an interview, leading to severe consequences and later advocacy for LGBT rights.

source: sports illustrated

9. The Firing of Donald Sterling

Prior to his lifetime ban, Donald Sterling had a history of controversies, including sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits, which cast a shadow over his ownership of the Clippers.

source: The Guardian

10. Dallas Mavericks Sexual Harassment Case

In 2018, the Dallas Mavericks faced allegations of widespread sexual harassment and discrimination within the organization, prompting internal investigations and actions to rectify the situation.

source: CBS News

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Among all of these NBA scandals, which one did you find very gruesome? Let us know!

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