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Jason Momoa Movies

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is a phenomenal American actor and producer who was born on August 1, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii to a damaged household. At the age of 19, he made his film debut as Jason Loane in the Baywatch series (1999-2001). After a few years, he was cast as Frankie in the Fox drama North Shore (2004-2005). Jason Momoa Movies always bring special vibes for the die-hard fans.

Momoa has demonstrated that he can handle any character or tale, from legendary superheroes to cunning villains. Momoa is also a controversial figure in real life due to his numerous love affairs with famous actresses.

Momoa learnt martial arts in 2017 for his role as Ronon in Stargate Altantis. Momoa became interested in metal music. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing the bass guitar, mandolin, and ukulele.

While not every film for the actor has been a critical success, there is no doubting Momoa is a dominant presence in the entertainment world with a passionate fan base. These are Jason Momoa’s ten finest films that no one should miss.

Justice League (2017)

The 2017 big screen presentation Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, follows some of the most beloved superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as they struggle to rescue the planet from the restless Steppenwolf and his blood hungry army. Following his brief cameo in the film, Momoa has a more prominent part in the film, joining the titular squad in defending the planet.

This film had a lukewarm reception from moviegoers, making $657 million at the box office.


Momoa was accepted in Slumberlan for his bright, lively, treacherous, rebellious character Flip to aid a little girl named Nemo who is attempting to reconcile with her father.

During its debut week on streaming media, the film had over one million views and was ranked as the sixth most streamed program.

Bullet to the head

In 2012, Momoa starts as a highly-skilled hitman who collaborates with a detective team to take down a crooked businessman responsible for their partner and go toe to toe with the corrupt man’s vicious assassin. The film incorporated Sylvester Stallone who is also a very renowned actor.

Unfortunately, this film fails to elicit a positive response from the public and reviewers, despite the cast’s powerful performances.

Road to Paloma

Jason Momoa directed, co-wrote, and starred in the 2014 drama Road to Paloma. He played the character Robert Wolf, a native American who is forced to flee the authorities after avenging his mother’s death.

When asked what prompted him to take on this position, he said, “The most important thing is that I’m a father, and a husband, and a son, and a grandson. I’ve had the most inspiring bunch of ladies in my life.”


As the title DC superhero in Aquaman 2018, he gained even more fans attraction, with the smash success offering an original tale for the famed half-Atlantean. Aquaman embarks on a critical journey to reclaim the venerable Trident of Atlan in order to safeguard the surface world and reclaim his rightful status as the greatest guardian of the water.


This long-running series depicts the exploits of a group of lifeguards on a busy resort beach. Jason Loane, a lifeguard gets traumatized and this happens when he sees his victims get killed or disabled. The series was something the talented actor didn’t want his children would watch as he wanted not to show the kids and to know what their father was doing in his early career. The Aquaman told it in an Australian radio show. The earlier things that he did in his career were not been inspired by him for his descendants.


Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, one of Paul’s instructors and a sword master who helps the young man prepare for his mission. Dune is an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s popular novel that takes place in the future and centers on Paul Atreides, the heir to a noble and respected family who is destined to achieve great things and is tasked with traveling to a perilous planet to ensure the survival of his loved ones and people.

Sweet Girl

In 2021, Brain Andrew Mendoza directed Sweet Girl, a thriller action film in which Jason Momoa plays a devastated husband role voiced by Ray Cooper to fulfill his vow to be justice for his wife’s death due to pharmaceutical responsibility, while also protecting his daughter, his only family member. Momoa’s daughter is played by Isabela Merced, who is voiced by Rachel Cooper.


In the year 2018, an action thriller film Braven was released in which Jason Momoa played a loyal family guy striving to defend his family from harm, resulting in an all-out conflict on the mountain terrain as logging business owner Joe Braven.
Braven was a box office success upon its initial release.


Tempted is a 2003 romance television film directed by Maggie Greenwald about a married woman who falls in love with a young guy named Kala (Josan Momoa) after taking her nanny’s ashes to Hawaii.
However, this romantic film was unable to capture the hearts of moviegoers.

All of the ups and downs in the film make Jason Momoa a neon flicker in the entertainment world. His career progresses faster on television than on the big screen. His fans and followers always wait to get something surprise from the talented actor.

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