May 23, 2024
Greatest Heavyweight American Boxers

Being a boxer is a difficult job mentally, emotionally, and most important physically. The article comprises the list of champions of all time with spectacular boxing careers in American history. This may raise debate among fans claiming the authenticity of the list, but an assurance that the names mentioned are the legendary boxers. To know further let’s dive in.

The list here gives the top 10 of their time despite the color racism and cultural variation in American history. The great champions of the world heavyweight championship with excellent careers and controversies to keep the flame alive!!!

# Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey

Popular as a kid blackie and the Manassa Mauler is one of the legends if we talk about heavyweight American boxers. From 1914 to 1927. The wrestler was infamous for being aggressive and heavy punching ability. From controversies to titles, he acclaimed all of it. 6′ 1″/2″ feet tall champion and 245 pounds ranked 7th in the list of 100 champions with an International Boxing Hall of Fame.

# Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano

The legend here owned the title of world heavyweight championship from 1952 to 1956. To their surprise, the only boxer to be undefeated in his career. Spectacular record with amazing and passionate freestyle boxing. The highest knockout win percentage is 85.71%.

# Jim Jefferies

 Jim Jefferies

The champion was seen as the epitome of strength and stamina. 6 feet tall with 225 pounds of weight in his prime time was taught by the former Welterweight and middleweight champion Tommy Ryan. Famous for hard left punches and topped the ranking.

# Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston

The boxer was a tough nut to crack in his time. 1962 was the prime time of his career and was also infamous as the most intimidating man in the history of heavyweight championship. Undefeatable Liston was defeated by the great Muhammad Ali who entered as an underdog.

# Harry Wills

Harry Wills

Harry Wills is widely known for the title of world-colored heavyweight championship three times in his career.Though never fought for the title but was ranked in the top 100 list of the fighters and top black fighter of his time.

# Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Mike has been one of the top fighters to be famous to date and recognized by the gen-z as well. Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, and The Baddest Man on the Planet are some unique titles owned. From 1987 to 1990 he claimed the title of heavyweight champion. One of the top professionals in the field to hold WBA, WBC IBF titles in his career. With a knockout win of 88% and with controversies that landed him in jail is considered the hardtest hitter of all time by ESPN. The ferocious fighter and legend of all time.

# Joe Frazer

Joe Frazer

The first fighter to defeat Mohammed Ali also nicknamed as the smoking joe is indeed worthy of being on the list of heavyweight champions of America. Undisputed and undefeated champions in 1970 gave great fights in the years after that. Compared to Rocky Maricon Henry Armstrong and other legend was included in the international boxing hall of fame.

# Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield

Owner of titles like WBA, and WBC IBF from 1990 to 1992. This legend was a time heavyweight champion in his time. Nicknamed REAL DEAL was a big deal for the opponents when entered the ring. The boxer has the record of defeating Mike Tyson and was the first boxer to win the heavyweight championship thrice after Muhammed Ali.

# Larry Homes

Larry Homes

Born in eastern Pennsylvania was known to be the eastern Assassin. WBC Title holder from 1978 to 1983. Popular to have 48 first professional bouts but lost the 49th one to Micheal Spinks, almost with the record of Rocky Maricon. Legend of his time with 69 wins and 6 losses.

# Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

First black heavyweight champion of his time. The Galveston giant was another fighter creating history in the world of championships. With a commendable record of 13 years of a boxing career, the legend was also part of the racism in America, he was the most notorious black boxer on the earth.

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