Though looks like lost one eye, Bryce Mitchell has shown impressive determination and skills in the octagon didn’t dishearten the fans

Bryce mitchell lost his one eye during the octagon fight

Bryce Mitchell is in the controversy right now as he showed off his Bible during the match. Recently, Bryce Mitchell won the Octagon, and ESPN MMA posted a picture of his injured face.

He looks dangerously injured, but it was all worth it because of his skills and determination. Fans all over the X praised Bryce Mitchell for his amazing performance and for enduring through the match.

One fan said, Great job, Bryce Mitchell! Your determination and skills in the octagon are truly impressive. Keep up the hard work!”

Another fan wrote, “Damn… looks like he lost an eye” referring to his injured eye. But the fans have a point when it comes to Bryce Mitchell’s injured eye. The eye is swollen and has a deep cut, which creeps out some people. It is one of the most brutal knockouts in UFC history.

Some people are saying, “Satan took a massive L tonight,” referring to his Bible controversy.

Bryce Mitchell is in the highlight for his bible controversy

MMA Orbit has posted on X about Bryce when he holds up a Bible and screams “Freedom.”

In the days leading up to his co-main event showdown at UFC Vegas 79 against Dan Ige, Bryce found himself in the spotlight for an unexpected reason. During a conversation with UFC legends Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith, Bryce passionately showed his unique views on topics like evolution and gravity.

This surprising and thought-provoking discussion showcased a different side of Mitchell. He demonstrated that fighters in the UFC are not just athletes but also individuals with intriguing perspectives on the world around them. It was a moment that added depth to his fighter persona and piqued the curiosity of fans and fellow fighters alike.

“It’s bulls**t, and it’s a lie from Satan! You have been tricked; you have been deceived. We are not coming from monkeys. We are the apex predator!”

These statements are making Mitchell a controversial topic in the MMA industry. Even though Bryce has shown impressive skills during his octagon fight, some people are still picking bones with him. His true fans are still with him and praying for his recovery.

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