May 24, 2024
Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow

What disheartening information for Bengals fans to receive. Their most important player will miss the rest of the season due to injury. It’s a terrible thing that everyone has to hear the news. It is apparent to see that when the news about Joe Burrow came to light, not only did the team’s motivation suffer, but so did the motivation of the fans.

The Bengals aren’t the only ones who have received bad news. The Browns are also in sync with them, as QB Deshaun Watson is out for the remainder of the season. Watson sustained a severe shoulder injury as well as an ankle sprain, whereas Burrow experienced a severe torn ligament injury in his right wrist.

Why some believe that the NFL is cursed this season

The NFL is receiving comments when teams lose their starting quarterbacks due to injury. If only one or two quarterbacks are injured and unable to play, this is considered typical. However, the situation is different. Aaron Rodgers started it all, and then came Anthony Richardson, Kirk Cousins, Daniel Jones, Deshaun Watson, and Joe Burrow.

Some fans are even saying that they cannot recall an NFL season when quarterbacks have been hurt and sidelined as much as they have this year. One has added, “I don’t remember an NFL season in which the quarterback position was as decimated as this.”

It is regrettable that the top division has lost two quarterbacks in a short period of time. Nobody is aware of what awaits the team. One remarked,” Brutal. The best division in football loses 2 of its starting QBs in 5 days.”

What if these acts are being done by demons? If that were to happen in real life, the entire situation would be unexpected. But the worst has already transpired for the Bengals.

One has commented like this season brings curse. He added, “This is a cursed nfl season.”

Joe Burrow injury and the likelihood of the Bengals making the playoffs

The injury that has kept Joe Burrow off the team wasn’t as abrupt as many may have assumed. The quarterback was also experiencing right calf discomfort, which is a common occurrence. During his training session, he was experiencing this issue. And lastly, the horrific injury that occurred on Thursday. Burrow sustained a ripped wrist ligament. The Bengals did not have a favorable outcome in that game. They suffered a 34–20 loss to the Ravens.

The Bengals’ likely future in this circumstance is difficult to predict in simple terms. Hard work and a smart game plan are essential in this game. The Bengals still have a chance to make the playoffs, but it will be dependent on their collective effort.

Jake Browning, the backup quarterback, needs to play up to the team’s standards. Burrow’s injury and season-long absence will undoubtedly affect the team, but they must accept his loss and maintain their morale and spirit.

We all know the Bengals have a formidable receiver corps. Time will tell how the Bengals perform without Burrow. Fans are still holding out hope, even if many have given up.

Please let us know how you believe the Bengals should handle Joe Burrow’s need in this scenario.

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