May 23, 2024
Selfless Love

Selfless Love

Kathy made a decision last night; she’ll sleep all day today. There are two reasons behind it: one primary and the other secondary. The primary reason is that she’s extremely exhausted, having not slept at night for the past two months and working tirelessly during the day. She needs rest.

The secondary reason is that today she’ll make a significant decision, and it comes with many complexities. The door seems to be knocking loudly. Kathy is distressed; in this house, she has Marina, her thirteen-year-old daughter. She told Marina not to disturb her today. Kathy’s past experiences indicate that if Marina is told not to do something, she will attempt it.

The knocks are getting louder. Kathy’s temptation is to scold the child, but societal norms restrain her. There’s little she can do besides worry about her ill daughter.

Selfless Love
Selfless Love

Marina’s brain tumor was diagnosed seven months ago. She watched a horror show on TV and suddenly exclaimed, “Why is everything dark, Mom? I see only darkness! Light it up!” Kathy, a strong woman emotionally, feared for her daughter’s life because this girl meant everything to her. She became a single parent after Marina’s father passed away, and Kathy raised her alone.

When Kathy consulted the doctor, Dr. Anthony, and learned about the malignant tumor in Marina’s head, she was genuinely scared. This girl was vital to her. After her husband’s death, Kathy devoted herself to raising Marina alone.

Kathy asked the doctor only one thing: “Doctor Anthony, is my child’s life dependent on her being alive? What can we do now?” The doctor simply stated, “It will cost a considerable amount, and treatment in Italy is not feasible. You have to try in another country.”

Selfless Love
Selfless Love

In the past six months, Kathy has worked tirelessly, selling everything in her village. Though many sympathized with her, no one came forward to help. Kathy’s father was from a well-off family and was a chief officer in the navy in Italy. On the other hand, Kathy was just a bar dancer. When Marina’s father proposed to Kathy, he faced strong opposition, especially from Mr. Peter, Marina’s grandfather.

Kathy’s father, part of a prestigious family, was in the Italian Navy as the Chief Officer. When they decided to get married, the biggest obstacle was Mr. Peter, Marina’s granddad. He could never accept a bar dancer as a daughter-in-law.

When Marina’s father passed away, Grandpa didn’t even attend the funeral. However, one can’t understand with the bare eye how much anger the little billionaire Grandpa used to possess. The grandad had no idea about the challenges Kathy faced.

With no other option, Kathy went to Marina’s grandfather for help with her daughter’s treatment. Reluctantly, he agreed, stating that if Kathy agrees to raise Marina in Milan, he will take all responsibility for Marina’s treatment.

“I’ll remember everything you said. Just tell me my daughter will survive,” Kathy replied.

“You are quite beautiful, like a painting,” Mr. Peter replied with a sneaky smile. “I’m curious why my son abandoned us for a dancer and se**ally appealing girl like you.”

Kathy closed her eyes and said, “What do you want?”

“I want you to become my s*x partner. You’ll go with me to Milan. I want to see what’s exactly magic about your body—the reason my son left for a captivating girl.”

Kathy smiled softly and said, “So be it.”

Selfless Love
Selfless Love

Today, Marina is going to America for an operation by an 11-member team of doctors. Kathy accompanied her. Holding Marina tightly, Kathy said, “No one truly loves a child except the mother. When you become a mother, you’ll understand.”

They bid each other farewell, knowing they’d meet again. Kathy whispered, “I love you very much.”

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