May 18, 2024
Cullen Johnson Hill

Cullen Johnson Hill

In a heartfelt TikTok video posted on November 29, 2023, Cullen Johnson Hill, a former Miss America runner-up, bravely shared her battle with alcohol addiction and her triumphant 12-year journey towards sobriety. Fighting back tears, she opened up about the recent 30-day jail sentence she served for her second DUI, laying bare the challenges she faced since the age of 24.

“I’ve just come from jail, serving my time that I owed from my second DUI, and this will be my journey,” In the touching video, she opened up. Her vulnerability was palpable as she acknowledged the stark contrast between her appearance when under the influence and the person she becomes when sober. “I’m so much better when I’m sober. You’re like, ‘Yeah, no kidding, because you look like crap.”

Cullen’s life has been marked by constant upheaval, growing up in a military family that relocated 22 times within 22 years. Despite the challenges, she achieved the title of Miss Virginia in 1994 and competed in the Miss America pageant as a talented 23-year-old pianist from Virginia Beach.

The turning point in Cullen’s life came with her decision to confront her alcoholism. Now, she plans to recommit to her sobriety journey through participation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a step she’s familiar with but recognizes as crucial for her ongoing recovery.

During this challenging time, she is reaching out to her fans for support, emphasizing a message of hope. “I am an alcoholic, and I’ve been struggling with this since I was 24,”

Cullen Johnson Hill hoped to reach out to others going through similar struggles. She draws strength from her family, especially her husband, who, having remained sober himself, serves as a pillar of support. Her son’s unwavering love further reinforces the importance of the family’s role in her determination to overcome addiction once again.

Cullen’s story is one of resilience and the pursuit of hope in the face of personal struggles. As she embarks on this renewed journey towards sobriety, her openness and determination inspire others to find their strength in the midst of adversity.

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