May 24, 2024

Motaz Azaiza is an independent photojournalist from Gaza , Palestine . During the war in Gaza , his social media coverage gave millions of people around the world  a real picture of the Israeli atrocities and the plight of Palestinian people . 

Following the terrorist strikes on Israeli cities on October 7, which prompted Israel to declare war on Hamas, Motaz Azaiza reported on Israel’s devastating bombardment of the Palestinian territories. 

Before the outbreak of the war Motaz was an ordinary 24 year Palestinian , who loved his homeland Gaza. But after the attack of 7th October his life went upside down . Azaiza has portrayed the ongoing assault and suffering of Palestinian civilians since the first Israeli bombings struck Gaza .He became a voice for the people of Gaza . Before the outset of the violence , he had reportedly 25,000 followers on Instagram . As the conflict broke out , his photos travelled around the world and his social media followers grew up to 18.5 million .

Despite the dangers to his own life , Motaz continued to record the harsh realities in Gaza . He lost many members of his family and a lot of his colleagues . Still he remained a persistent voice for the people of his homeland . He used ordinary tools like his mobile phone and DSLR camera to cover the catastrophe and humanitarian crisis in Gaza . As Israeli government did not allow any outside journalist in the conflicted zone , Azaiza and his colleagues were a prominent source to portray the condition in Gaza.

Motaz Azaiza was named “Man Of The Year” 2023 by GQ Middle East for his unwavering courage .The journey of Motaz has inspired millions of people all around the world . His struggle has made him a global icon of resilience and an epitome of hope for the people of Gaza . 

A photo of a young girl trapped under her house , clicked by Motaz on October 31 ,was selected as one of Time Magazine’s top photographs of 2023 . 

After surviving 108 days Motaz finally evacuated from Gaza and fled to Qatar on 23 January . In a video that he shared on social media on Tuesday, Azaiza announced to his followers that he was putting his press jacket aside for the time being . He added a caption saying , “ I had to evacuate for a lot of reasons. You all know some of it but not all of it. Thank you all. Pray for Gaza.” He also added  “I’m sorry but, inshallah (God willing), hopefully soon I will come back … and help build Gaza again,”

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