May 24, 2024
The offical poster of the netflix flim "the fall of the house of usher"

Mike Flanagan has again come up with a new horror series called, “The Fall Of the House of Usher” this Halloween. As we know, it’s Flanagan’s tradition to come up with a horror series every Halloween, and this series was also expected. “The Fall of the House of Usher” is scheduled to premiere later this year. Let’s explore the official Netflix trailer:

The horror movie is based on the 1893 short story by Edgar Allen Poe and directed by Mike Flanagan. This movie is highly anticipated and will be released on October 12, 2023. with a highly skilled cast such as Kate Siegel, Bruce Greenwood, and Mark Hamill, this movie is going to be a Masterpiece.

The story is about a Wealthy Pharmaceutical CEO who experienced the unexpected death of his children and saw his inner demon coming out. When we explored the trailer, we noticed a shapeshifting woman who contributed to the investigation of the murder scene.

if we go deeper into the teaser, we will see the story revolves around the pharmaceutical family who face their dark secrets with the mysterious shapeshifting women. You will also experience the unsettling haunting atmosphere in every cinematic scene.

The Story will get more interesting as we see more horror cases coming out. Can’t wait to experience this cinematic masterpiece!

Mike Flanagan’s Film “The Fall of the House of Usher” is a different Horror film journey

Mike Flanagan has already given us some horror masterpiece that still gives us chills such as “Hush“, “Ouija” etc. Unlike his past horror films, this movie is a different kind of adaptation. The best part is “The Fall of the House of Usher” is bringing family together, (it’s a family-friendly movie).

All of Mike’s past horror Netflix collaborations were a big success. Now audiences are expecting this movie to be another masterpiece by Mike Flanagan.

The Plot of the film is not just from Poe’s story, Mike also added some new twists to it. Flanagan also revealed that he took inspiration from various works by Edward.

The teaser shows the first looks of Roderick Usher and Verna along with the quiet from Poe’s “The Raven”. As the scene starts, we experience a haunting call from a raven, Verna approaching a foreboding manor.

We can also see Roderick wearing a raven mask, repeating the phrase “Nevermore”. While brief, this teaser builds anticipation for the film’s October release.

Have you watched the trailer? what do you think about it? let us know in the comment section.

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