May 23, 2024

Pat Robertson

If someone can be remembered who talked about Christians right, then Pat Robertson’s name will be on the very front line. This man made people cry by leaving the world forever. He was 93 at the time of his death.

Pat Robertson was a very familiar face on TV. The 700 Club was hosted by this man many times, and the show belonged to him. Whenever talks and discussions arise about conservative Christians, Pat Robertson tries to polish them by teaching domestic politics and international affairs. In sum, we can say he was basically a religious broadcaster.

What else did Pat Robertson do for the Christians and for the others?

Pat Robertson ran for president. He always wanted the Republicans to make religion the core of their politics. He also thought that the Christians would eventually form a coalition. He was a controversial televangelist. Religious rights were his main focus. He was found talking about gay relationships, which was against gay people.

Robertson ran for president in 1988. He was very influential and an admirer of conservative Christianity. This religious man founded the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960. He focused on the intention that one day this program would spread all over the world. He is also the founder of Regent University, which is located in Virginia Beach.

Did Pat Robertson become successful in his political career?

Pat Robertson was a bit unlucky, if we talk about politics. He always took the Bible seriously and tried to implement it into his political understanding. Though unsuccessful, he could make a good impression on white evangelicals.

Ralph Reed, who is designated as the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, made remarks on Pat Robertson. He added, “It is undeniable whatever one thinks of his politics — and I was fortunate and privileged to be at his side — that he transformed the Republican Party and with it American politics.”

What did Terry Heaton, the former executive producer of the 700 Club, say about Pat Robertson?

Terry Heaton adds more value to Pat Robertson, saying, “People don’t realize how brilliant Pat Robertson really was at that time.” Heaton also emphasized that they always try to get people into Republican politics because Pat Robertson himself belonged to the family of televangelists. On the contrary, Schenck empathized: “Pat was very much a force behind the very conservative politicization of American evangelicalism, and to me that has been very damaging.” People knew that Pat Robertson supported Donald Trump, and many couldn’t accept his support in a good way.

Gordon Robertson, who is the son of Pat Robertson, praises his father, saying, “It doesn’t take into account all the things that he’s done. And by any standard, he’s done some incredible things.” Robertson repeatedly talked about public issues, and he also got into controversies several times. After the brutal attacks of 9/11, Pat Robertson supported Rev. Jerry Falwell.

In “God and Government”, the book where people find Pat Robertson making insults of Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Roman Catholicism, obviously the insult goes for the women too. We understand Pat Robertson was a man who thought women’s aspects were critical.

Pat Robertson has left the world. This die-hard supporter of Christianity will be remembered forever by its supporters.

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