May 24, 2024
Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift, the Grammy -winning Singer and girlfriend of the Chief’s star Travis kelce touched down in kansas city on Monday morning. Yes they are dating, Travis was initially tight – lipped at first.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has been center of discussion in media for more than one month. Taylor Swift has done things way greater than dating, but that won’t stop people from speculating about her romance with Travis Kelce.

Halloween :Trick Or Treat

It all started out with the bracelet at the Eras Tour. Since then they were seen together though it was not confirmed. But things started to stirred up when Taylor started to attend Chiefs games. And she was spotted with Travis mom Donna at Arrowhead Stadium and celebrating a touchdown that Travis scored against the Chicago Bears.

And right now everyone wants to figure out what Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s halloween costumes might be. With so many couple’s going in costume as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce this halloween, how will the real life couple dress up as?

According to some sources, Travis loves halloween and is planning on hosting a dinner party for friends and team-mates.
“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get the gang together and have a nice little dinner or a nice little dinner party, I should say” Travis told his brother Jason last week on their “New Heights ” podcast.
“Like a halloween dinner party. Everybody comes in costumes and we have a party “

The party will be held in a restaurant. But he was mum on what was his costume would be. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are reportedly planning to be posh and Becks aka Victoria and David Beckham for halloween according to sources of Us weekly .

We wont be sure until they post a picture of it. Whatever there costume would be this is going to be a TREAT for everyone. Taylor is also reportedly flying into kansas city, Missouri for the spooky holiday.

Speculation About “Swelce”

Since Taylor and Travis got together they become a fixture of both sports and tabloid coverage. But not everyone is thrilled by the fast moving romance in the spotlight.

On the Kelce side of things Travis family adores her and Ed confirmed in an interview with ET “I think they are two very driven professional individuals. I think they are very supportive of each other, which is key.”
According to ET source “Taylor is loving dating Travis “.” He has his own goals, ambitions and success and they complete each other.
“Historically, Taylor’s always been Super private about everything and now with this, she is so open about it that it’s just very odd ” Taylor’s bestie Selena Gomez revealed.

The romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift is heating up. And they have became the most hottest couples costume idea for this halloween. However everyone is waiting for them as how they will be coupled up themselves for halloween 2023.

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