Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers Light Up the Town in Travis Kelce’s Absence

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift hits the ground in New York City yet again and is trending on the news. But this time she is not featured with Travis Kelce the NFL star of Kansas City Chiefs instead she was with her friend Phoebe Bridgers the “Anti-Hero” Singer. Who is also her Ears tour tourmate and a collaborator. 

On November 3rd Taylor Swift was spotted at the Greenwich village restaurant Minetta Tavern where she had dinner with Phoebe Bridgers. The musician duo went out for a dinner date on Friday night.

How They Look Like and What They Had For Dinner? 

Taylor Swift carried on with a fall vibe and wore a tan brown Gucci sweater paired with brown dress pants, brown leather bag and chunky heels, she kept her make-up neutral with her signature red lipstick and bangs over her brows. At the same time Phoebe was all in black which complemented her silver locks. They both looked cheerful. 

Girls night out

On Saturday, the owner of Minetta Tavern, Keith McNally shared an elaborate Instagram post featuring Swift’s picture alongshore the restaurant with the caption “TAYLOR SWIFT  DINES AT MINETTA TAVERN! Reported by Roberta Rossini Delice”

“All great with the table. Taylor Swift was with Phoebe Bridgers Chef Laurent sent baked oysters and foie Gras Amuse Bouche. I was near the table when Taylor Swift ate the oyster and she opened her eyes and said ” my god!”… She really liked it!” the caption added. “Then they had scallops to share. She had Dove sole and the friend lobster vol en vent. They drank 2 rhubarb Sophie. She was here until around 12.15. They did not want Deserts so Laurent brought Madeline and introduced himself. As you saw, she accepted to take a picture with Laurent.”

Taylor was often spotted with her gal pals  last month she joined with Black Lively and Sophie Turner for dinner at Emillo’s Ballato.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce 

Travis Kelce is preparing for his football game in Germany while Taylor Swift was spotted with Phoebe Bridgers in NYC on a dinner date night. But Travis and Taylors name will be mentioned together whether they are together or are in different countries. This outing comes after Travis Kelce declined to answer whether Taylor Swift will be attending the Kansas City Chiefs game vs the Miami Dolphins at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany. He was also asked if he is in love with her. “I’m going to keep my personal relationship personal,” he firmly answered smilingly. 

Taylor Swift has become the favorite topic of the paparazzi. As wherever she went she made the headlines. Be it with her friends or with her new boyfriend. Last Friday was nothing different as she was with Phoebe. Hundreds of people went there to see a glimpse of SWIFT. Minetta Tavern was crowded with paparazzi and fans of Taylor. Minetta Tavern was busy and vibrant on Friday night.

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