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Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia

On January 13, 2012, it was forty-five minutes past nine. A huge yacht sails past the Mediterranean island of Giglio. It looks like a white monstrous swan floating with its wings wet in the sea water. Calm sea, slightly cloudy sky. The passengers of the huge yacht are singing and laughing.

At that time, the whole ship suddenly shook violently. Many passengers stumbled and fell. One side of the ship started tilting as soon as the ray of surprise stopped. One of the most luxurious lights in the world, this huge pleasure boat sank into the darkness.

Costa Concordia was the first cruiser of the ‘Concordia’ series. This huge and royal paradise was built in 2004. About 570 million US dollars were spent on the construction of this ship. Five years ago on January 13, 2012, the giant ship capsized after hitting an underwater rock near the Italian island of Giglio. 32 people of the ship were killed. The ship was later declared beyond repair and was towed to the port of Genoa. Until January of this year, this huge paradise was lying there as abandoned.

Jonathan Danko Kielkowski, a German photographer, entered the haunted abandoned ship last year. He took amazing photos of the abandoned ship. Some of the happy moments and life of the wrecked ship can be seen from its pictures. Let’s know what exactly happened on the night of January 13.

Francesco Schettino was the captain of the huge luxury yacht Costa Concordia when it set sail. A few hours after departure, the ship crashed near the Isola del Giglio island off the west coast of Italy. A sinking rock hidden under the water caused a deep gash 60 feet wide in the ship. All engine rooms flooded with sea water. As a result, the ship’s power supply was disconnected and the engine stopped.

As the slowly sinking ship tilted, it drifted 500 meters away from the accident site and the starboard side of the ship settled completely under water.

In such a dangerous situation, the people of the whole ship became restless. But the captain of the ship did not give the order to abandon the ship immediately after the accident, despite the fact that the ship was slowly sinking in the sea near the shore from the calm sea.

Rather, this order was given about an hour after the accident. By that time the ship slowly capsized and half of the ship sank under the water. Although the other half of the ship was above water, the ship was in danger of sinking at any moment under 230 feet of water.

According to International Law of the Sea, all passengers must disembark within 30 minutes of the order to disembark. But the initial rescue of Costa Concordia passengers took about six hours and lasted for months. However, it was not possible to rescue all the passengers alive that day. 3,229 passengers and 1,023 sailors were rescued alive and 32 were declared dead. Two others also went missing,

From January 14 to 30, 2012, rescue diving teams searched for missing passengers on the ship. They believe there are still passengers alive in the ship. At that time, the rescue team rescued a newly married Korean couple from a cabin two decks above the sea water line. They also found a surviving crew member with a broken leg. Along with the survivors, the rescue team brought out bodies one by one from the sunken ship.

On January 15, two days after the incident, rescue teams believed they had found two bodies. One of the two missing was a lady and the other was a ship’s crew. But their bodies were in such a position that it was impossible to salvage them without righting the ship. Another body was then recovered from a sunken part of the ship on 28 January. The body was that of a female sailor working on the ship.

In this way, the divers carried out rescue work for several months. Then on September 17, 2013, this half sunken ship was straightened. The search for the two missing bodies began again. After nine days, the rescue team found several decomposing bodies in the central part of the ship.

None of them could be identified. Later these bodies are sent to the lab for DNA test to know their identity. On October 26, a DNA test identified a body as that of missing Italian passenger Maria Grazia. The search for the remaining passenger has not yet been found.

The ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, was blamed for the disaster of the Costa Concordia. Capt. Schettino said he turned off the ship’s computer navigation system while heading toward the island. As the reason, he said, “I was steering the ship by using my eyesight instead of giving control to the computer, because the bottom of the sea here is at my fingertips.” The underwater sinking rock is not supposed to be here. The maritime charts also did not mention any sinking rocks in this route.”

He told the investigating team that he realized the danger at the last moment and when he came close to the island, he suddenly turned the ship to the other side. At this time, one side of the ship moved towards the coral reef of the island. He said, “I was too late to take the right decision at the right time. I have to take responsibility for it.”

Also, despite the shipwreck, he ordered everyone to abandon ship after an hour and escaped from the ship himself before all the passengers could be rescued. Because of this, he was later arrested on charges of murder and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

As compensation for the accident, the Costa Concordia authorities offered to pay eleven thousand euros to each passenger of the ship. However, only one-third of the passengers accepted this compensation.

In 2015, the huge ship was dismantled and the work to separate its parts began, which was completed in July this year. At the end of all the processes, this luxurious beauty becomes a pile of scrap metal.

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